The Torch that Ignites the Stars

The Torch that Ignites the Stars

After concluding their first year at Lorian Heights, Corin and his friends catch a train from their native Valia to the distant country of Caelford. For most, this would be a simple vacation. Corin has other plans.

-Meet Anabelle Farren, the eccentric owner of Farren Labs, and learn about artificial attunements.
-Seek out Warren Constantine, a previous Arbiter, for training and a potential alliance.
-Find the visage Ferras herself to seek a cure for Sera’s condition.

Of course, Corin is Corin, and there’s absolutely no chance he’s going to be able to stick to a list.

…And even if Corin miraculously developed a sense of focus, he isn’t the only one with plans.

The Blackstone Bandit.

Everyone’s favorite mysterious book entity.

The aforementioned Farren.

A vacationing professor.

The mirror of a figure from Keras’ past.

When their plots intersect, Corin and his friends are, predictably, stuck at the center.

It’s going to be a long vacation.

Title:The Torch that Ignites the Stars
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  • Ryan McCoin

    I am a longtime fan of Andrew Rowe and his books. I loved How to Defeat a Demon King and Sufficiently Advanced Magic was groundbreaking. However, I have some issues with this book. Below are some of t...

  • Kaitlin

    I really enjoyed this book in the series, and I'm so glad there's so much more story to come. This is the third book following Corin and his family and friends as they learn about their attunements an...

  • fane

    I really hope Jin Dalen doesnt get left behind, PLEASE. I want him to be part of the story. _________________________________________________________ I loved the book. More world-building and expansio...

  • Fritz

    Preface: I have not read any of Andrew Rowe's other series. As with my other reviews, I tend to focus on negatives rather than positives since I believe critical reviews are more useful in determining...

  • Tushar Thakur

    Compared to the previous two books the prose has taken a nosedive, too much modern American colloquialism ruins my suspension of disbelief, add to that the numerous grammatical errors this book suffer...

  • Mana

    Got through 70% of the book and couldn't force my way through more. Basically, it's a book where there's a lot of Maybes, Mights, and Coulds, but where nothing actually gets accomplished.I am not even...

  • Jeffrey Jones

    I don’t really understand what happened with this book. I loved the first two. And I loved weapons and wielders. However suddenly everything seemed so inconsequential with the way things were going ...

  • Craig Willis

    Excellent book 3I've continued to love all of the series that Andrew Rowe writes, each one having a unique style and feeling even though they are set in the same world. However, the Arcane Ascension s...

  • Cameron

    Long awaited - greatly enjoyed I really enjoy these books. The series focuses on a character who has to work twice as hard with his attunement / magical abilities related to enchanting things to be a ...

  • Gagnagagog

    Arcane Ascension always had the benefit of having better prose combined with a unique setting which made it the perfect entry and a staple for people enjoying the power-progression fantasy.The third b...