Crown of Power

Crown of Power


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Verene is determined to complete her fourth and final year at the Academy, despite her family's opposition to Darius, and his own obstinance about the future of their relationship. And Darius needs to graduate in order to claim his throne. But with the threat of Conall looming over them, they must be more than just trainees if they hope to save both their kingdoms from the coming war—especially since Verene's abilities may be the only thing that can save them all.

If you enjoy strong heroines, fantasy worlds, adventure, intrigue, and clean romance, then try this new adventure in the world of the Spoken Mage series now!

The Hidden Mage reading order:

Crown of Secrets
Crown of Danger
Crown of Strength
Crown of Power

Verene lives in a world of written power—a world turned upside down by the first ever Spoken Mage. If you missed the adventures of her mother, Elena, then check out the completed Spoken Mage series, starting with Voice of Power.

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    Crown of Power Reviews

  • Shruti

    6th Feb 2021This was the perfect ending to the series that wrapped up the story very well, kept up a steady stream of plot twists and character development moments and other intriguing details to kee...

  • Crystal D

    I won't say much since this is book 4, therefore there will be a lot of spoilers if I go into details. But, the ending to this series is fantastic. Full of drama, great story and character arcs, actio...

  • Shae Frost

    I was drawn into the story quickly. The world was very well written and detailed. With that said, thee was too much filler for me. Too much unrelatable dialogue between inconsequential characters. I w...

  • Lemon

    All right, now that I'm done with the series, you can ignore my earlier reviews as I give an overview of it.There will be some (hopefully) vague spoilers. You have been warned.Anyway...I can honestly ...

  • Kriti Dalmia

    Crown of Power by Melanie Cellier 👑( The Hidden Mage Book 4)A book that I have been excited for and finally got to read it. I completed it in a single sitting and was left feeling empty when it end...

  • Laura

    Gaaaaaah, this was amazing. This was such a wonderful conclusion to this series. I absolutely adored it. Still shocked at how highly underrated and unknown this fantasy series is - it is definitely wo...

  • Bess

    This was a great conclusion to the series!I wished there were more action but it's all about magic. And magic doesn't need to struggle through battles in order to win!Everything is wrapped up very nic...

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  • Elena M

    I was very disappointed with this book. Everything is too "lean", too easy to predict and at times ilogical. I really loved "spoken mage" but the quality has decreased progresively in "hidden mage", b...

  • E Varady

    Series Review: Kind but clueless, airheaded heroineI admit, this series was a struggle for me to get through. I had hopes it would be as strong as the Spoken Mage series, but it is a much weaker offer...