Loving His Daddies

Loving His Daddies


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I never wanted to go back home.

When I left I told myself I didn’t need parents who rejected me. But my mom is sick, really sick and my dad needs my help.

I have no choice but to go to Texas and face a past I thought I had pushed down a long time ago. I hope this doesn’t completely tear me apart. 


Going to Texas is stressful, but I’ll do anything to support Carsen. Even if it means going some place we're not welcome.

Trying to keep Carsen together and Reece from moping isn’t easy. But now I’m worried that Carsen is hiding things from me.  He would never lie to me, right? 


Why do we have to leave Arizona?

I was perfectly happy being with my Daddies at home. I don't want Carsen exposed to more pain from his past. And I don’t want my Daddies fighting, but that’s just what they’re doing.

Am I going to lose them?

Loving His Daddies ends in a HFN and contains a cliffhanger. 

Title:Loving His Daddies
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    Loving His Daddies Reviews

  • Jamie Lee Zonneveld

    Loving His Daddies is the second book in the Meant to Be trilogy by Skyler Snow. I really love Carsen, Lukas and Reece. They are so good together. The continuation of their story was hot, sweet, sexy ...

  • Danyelle Williams

    Love these guys ­čśŹWith the news that Carsen received at the end of book 1 we find ourselves in Texas. Carsen has to confront his parents and that's never a easy thing. Tempers run high and he has to...

  • Holly

    love it! I love all these guys, and I cant wait for the next book!!!...

  • Pamela Daake

    Fantastic!So first things first, when does the next one in the series come out?? You can't leave us hanging where you did!! I. Need. More. Of these guys and their friends and family! Awesome read!...

  • Jazzmin Langman

    GreatI seriously hope this continues and we see how this family and couple grows! I need more of this series ...

  • Kaila

    omg this was fun.. it was interesting and sexy.. fast paced and fun.. it made me smile and happy.. these three are complex and have many emotions that are hard to deal with in this one.. it was fun to...

  • Kelli D

    Not bad but something is missingThis series isn't bad but Ifeel like something is missing or something doesn't belong. I don't believe a lot of the kinks they have Reece have. Like lingerie is great b...

  • Elin

    Carsen's reunion with his family is anything but easy, Lukas shows he can easily stand up for himself and his. While Reese proves he won't love one more than the other when tempers runs high.It's swee...

  • Sydney Michelle

    So goodWhat a great story. So much heart and sadness with a great happy ending. Love their little family. Happy Carson got some closure and reconciliation before the end. Loved it. ...

  • Breanna B.

    Aww got to see a little of the main character being a little and I enjoyed that. I also love that they went and solved the issue together but of course Skyler had to leave us on cliffhanger. I guess I...