S is for Space

S is for Space

S is for science fiction, spine-tingling, supernatural and sublime! S is for stories from a "Star Wilderness that stretched as far as eye and mind could see and imagine".

Pillar of Fire
Zero Hour
The Man
Time in Thy Flight
The Pedestrian
Hall and Farewell
Invisible Boy
Come into My Cellar
The Million-Year Picnic
The Screaming Woman
The Smile
Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed
The Trolley
The Flying Machine
Icarus Montgolfier Wright

Title:S is for Space
Edition Language:English
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    S is for Space Reviews

  • Catherine Siemann

    A few years ago, I reread The Martian Chronicles, and wished I hadn't, because the best book in the world when you're in seventh grade isn't necessarily the best book in the world when you're in your ...

  • Mariam

    DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. I repeat: do not read it. Just because Bradbury wrote it, doesn't mean that it will be as great as Fahrenheit 451. It is only my opinion after all, but I suffered through every ...

  • Monika

    I first heard about "S is for Space" from Lianne at The Towering Pile. I've been wanting to read more sci-fi - I mean, I love watching sci-fi, and obviously I love reading... but when it comes to sci-...

  • Raj

    This collection of short stories was a companion piece to R is for Rocket which I read last year and adored. I found this cheap on Ebay and was really looking forward to reading it. Unfortunately, I c...

  • James Nance

    Some stories were gripping, some eerie, some poetic; tales of death and life, rockets and time machines, witches who had lost powers and vampires who walked in the sun, Mars and Earth, walking for ple...

  • Leila Anani

    Another excellent anthology from the master of the short SF story. Honestly I don't think Ray Bradbury has written a bad story!The only reason this doesn't get 5* is that I didn't feel that all the st...

  • Tomislav

    second read - 5 May 2003 - **** I knew that I read this book once before a long long time ago, because all of the stories in it were just slightly familiar during my re-read this past week. A few of t...

  • Caroline Mann

    As thought provoking as it is entertaining. I’m no science fiction enthusiast but Bradbury’s mastery of the genre makes it significant for any reader. ...

  • Hester

    A mixed bag, where the best stories soar, but some fall flat under the weight of the author's idees fixes. The collection starts with the perfectly fine "Chrysalis," followed by the brilliant and flaw...

  • Magdelanye

    Ray Bradbury is a master of atmosphere, and this book of short stories is no exception to his evocative, provocative style.This collection is not as thematic as most of his books that I have read, as ...