Sweet Cruelty

Sweet Cruelty

It was an innocent mistake.
She knocked on the wrong door.

If I were a better man, I would've just let her go.
But I'm not.
I'm a cruel bastard.

I ruthlessly claimed her virtue for my own.
It should have been enough.
But it wasn't.
I needed more.
Craved it.

She became my obsession.
Her sweetness and purity taunted my dark soul.
The need to possess her nearly drove me mad.

A Russian arms dealer had no business pursuing a naive librarian student.
She didn't belong in my world.
I would bring her only pain.
But it was too late…
She was mine and I was keeping her.

Title:Sweet Cruelty
Edition Language:English
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    Sweet Cruelty Reviews

  • Anovelqueen

    ***4 STARS***I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I did.....this quick, down and dirty smutty read. I loved all of it. Emma, the librarian student gets more than she expected when she knocks on the ...

  • Isabella. R

    5 Captured Little Doe Stars ⭐Sweet Cruelty was the perfect blend of dark and delightful. With plenty of steam, the initial dub con was almost sexy. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Cons...

  • Melanie A. *mostly on hiatus*

    4 STARS! In a lifetime of cruel and depraved acts this is probably my most cruel, but I am keeping this beautiful sweet creature for my own. All kinds of dirty and inappropriate - I loved ...

  • K

    5 +++ “моя крошка” STARS!!!!!‘No one ever wanted me before… not like this.’I feel like such a delicate little flower after this Sweet Cruelty that Zoe Blake has subjected me to. I s...

  • Darlene I read WAY to many books

    Finale review!!! (Updated) 3.5 ⭐Now heads up this is a dark-ish romance in my eyes there is some dub-con moments (most triggers are listed below if you wanna check out) and some drama and steamy mom...

  •  ?Iru?na?

    Ridiculous. Imagine my surprise, I'm reading this and come across the hero's term of endearment for the heroine that shows he actually addresses her as a male, LOL. It just happens when authors think ...

  • Arena?

    ✧ 5 'my little one' stars ✧ tw: dub con how have i never read books by this author before?? i picked this book up on a whim. i was in the mood for something dark and i'd recently bought this one...

  • Aou

    This one is quite sweet despite of the dub-con at first and the kinky staff. Thus for me, it was not a dark book and I may have been a little disappointed because of it. However, it was a very well wr...

  • Mahima

    For me it was a normal story of an extremely possessive underworld guy.He is your typical mafia man with loads of tattoos, deals in arms, order the heroine around and literally never listens to her. I...

  • JadeC

    4.5 stars!! Sweet Cruelty.. the title says everything! I'm getting a little Beauty and the Beast vibe from here, aka kinky fairy tale. Sweet Emma meets Dimitri after a case of mistaken identity and h...