It Fell from the Sky

It Fell from the Sky


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A picture book about community, art, the importance of giving back—and the wonder that fell from the sky.

It fell from the sky on a Thursday.

None of the insects know where it came from, or what it is. Some say it’s an egg. Others, a gumdrop. But whatever it is, it fell near Spider’s house, so he’s convinced it belongs to him.

Spider builds a wondrous display so that insects from far and wide can come look at the marvel. Spider has their best interests at heart. So what if he has to charge a small fee? So what if the lines are long? So what if no one can even see the wonder anymore?

But what will Spider do after everyone stops showing up?

Title:It Fell from the Sky
Edition Language:English
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    It Fell from the Sky Reviews

  • Kat (on semi-hiatus for a bit)

    I don’t often review children’s books here, though they’re a regular part of my job, but I have to admit I’m a HUGE sucker for a good picture book and this new one by Canadian author-illustrat...

  • Debbie

    I recently read this picture book to a class of Grade 4 students, and we were all delighted by:1. the moral intelligences depicted in this story's message;2. how the creatures interacted with each oth...

  • Abigail

    When a wonderful thing falls from the sky, all of the insects in the garden marvel at its beauty, and wonder what it is. Frog thinks it is a gumdrop, Grasshopper that is it a fallen star or planet, an...

  • Erin Buhr

    This new book from the creators of THE NIGHT GARDENER is absorbing, creative and smart. The premise is simple enough, a marble "falls from the sky" into a garden and the insects around it react in dif...

  • Moonkiszt

    Featured in a grandma reads session.I was one of those children who imagined all the world was stuffed with little communities of bugs, of fairies, of brownies (the elfin kind) living in our fireplace...

  • Ricki

    I cannot get enough of this book. I just want to hug it every time I see it. The story and illustrations work in a way that is simply magical. Their talent is simply remarkable. When an object falls f...

  • Lata

    Beautiful drawings paired with a gently humourous story.(Though I did find all the top hats a bit weird.)...

  • Mortisha Cassavetes

    Beautifully Illustrated children's book with a wonderful story! I loved it! After a colorful sphere falls from the sky into the critter garden, the insects are amazed. No spoilers! I highly recommend ...

  • Michele Knott

    A great book to use to talk about what is the book really about? What message does the author want us to know? Because the conversations surrounding those 2 questions will keep readers talking for awh...

  • Peacegal

    A gem and an absolute delight. This sweet and amazingly detailed little story will be an instant hit with bug fans and anyone who just enjoys looking at stunning artwork. I hope this one will be consi...