Call of Water

Call of Water

I can't trust his words, but his touch and his kisses feel real.

A man with a teasing smile and an angel’s voice, Zeph is supposed to be nothing more than a beautiful, fun Parisian adventure. His voice lures me in. His cerulean blue eyes draw me to him. And his smile puts me at ease.

We part after just one night. The next time I see him, I'm captured and trapped in a world I never knew existed. Intriguing and whimsical on the outside, it turns dark and sinister as I plunge deeper into a trap from which there is no escape.

Humans do not belong in Madame Tan’s Freakshow, so what is Zeph doing here? I realize I know nothing about the man who has ruled over my imagination since the day we met.

I need to find my way out—with or without Zeph’s help—or risk spending the rest of my life locked in a cage.

Each book in the Madame Tan's Freakshow series is a complete love story of a separate couple. To follow the main storyline, however, it is recommended to read the series in order.

A part of this story, with a different world explanation, has been previously published as Menagerie of Oddities in Tempted by Fae anthology.

Call of Water is a contemporary fantasy romance that contains graphic descriptions of intimacy and some violence. Intended for mature readers.

Title:Call of Water
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    Call of Water Reviews

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    Ooh, this one was really enjoyable and I read it in super quick time.This author is a firm favourite of mine always delivers and the hero’s she gives us are just so adorable.There sweet but still se...

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    For those of us familiar with the fantasy genre, the Fae is nothing new, though some writers put their own little twists in to make it something unique. This book doesn’t stray too far from the usua...

  • Jennifer

    I need to preface this review with the information that I typically love everything else this author has written. The writing and editing was very clean in the ARC version of the manuscript, with no t...

  • Chrissy

    Second chancesThis was I very good book. I was excited about this when I first heard about it coming out not to mention the cover is gorgeous and draws you in even more. This story features cabarets, ...

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    What an exotic and unique spin of a paranormal romance. Marina Simcoe has created a one-of-a-kind story, where love conquers all! We meet Zeph, who is an other worldly being, and follow his journey to...

  • Payne?s Bookworm Reviews (Samantha Payne)

    “Call of Water” is book one in Marina Simcoe’s ‘Madame Tan’s Freakshow’ series. Each book in the series is a complete love story for each couple, but with the main storyline continuing on ...

  • Stephanie

    I recieved a digital arc from the author via the Hidden Gems website in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and given freely.I really loved the sound of this book, i adore...

  • Ramona

    For my first book by this author this story was a pleasure to read in the fantasy romances. The story about Ivy who is in Paris staying with her friend Fleur and Zeph who sings at Le Loup Solitaire. I...

  • Darla Taylor

    Ivy meets Zeph at a cabaret in Paris while visiting a friend. She's drawn in by his voice and captivated by his smile. They spend one magical night together and then she doesn't see him again for over...

  • Suzanne Irving

    I read a lot of books and most of the time they are just not that original. This book should get extra stars for being so different. Marina Simcoe combines fae, freak shows, traveling exhibitions, a l...