Boss Daddy's Knots

Boss Daddy's Knots


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Boss. Neighbor. Old enough to be Wilkie's dad. Or... Daddy?

When Wilkie discovers his to-be ex cheating on him, he packs and leaves. But he's now homeless, and without a job.

Enter King. Wilkie's too-handsome, too-hot new boss. Who also happens to be his "backdoor neighbor". What that means? Their bedroom windows face each other. Wilkie sees things he shouldn't. And so does King.

When Wilkie discovers his surprise pregnancy by his ex, he's horrified with himself. He needs someone and he doesn't know who to turn to.

King helps him. In King's arms, Wilkie feels safe. In King's arms, Wilkie feels treasured. In King's arms, Wilkie feels like... maybe he's not so tainted by his past anymore.

Despite King's promises, can Wilkie really trust his new Daddy not to walk out on him? Like every other alpha has?

Title:Boss Daddy's Knots
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    Boss Daddy's Knots Reviews

  • Cee Brown

    •*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)✮ (¸.•´Wilkie's Alpha King "The way I intend to claim you," King murmured, "I will claim this child at the same time." Panty. Drop!The first few hours of this book w...

  • NP

    I’ll be honest. This is a pretty pedestrian book. I finished it, but it wasn’t a page turner. It felt quite dull at points. So why the 5 stars? Because, finally, finally.... (view spoiler)[an mpre...

  • Xanthe

    A good addition to the Meadow Street series, especially for fans who love age gap, Daddy/Boy, and a little pain with their pleasure.Wilkie (Gabe's brother from book one) discovers his boyfriend cheati...

  • Badh

    Oh, poor Wilkie. He really broke my heart a lot of the time. He had to deal with so much crap from all the men who came before, and then his cheating former doucheweasel was just the ugh. I can unders...

  • Mimi

    4.25 starsLoved the kinky elements of this story!...

  • Darlene

    The second book in the Meadow Street Brothers was another interesting addition to the Meadowfalls town setting. Wilkie has never had luck with any Alpha’s in his past, and this last Alpha, Terance, ...

  • **Elle**Bee**Double U**

    When Wilkie discovers his boyfriend cheating on him in their bed he isn't sure where to turn to.Homeless and jobless he turns to his friend for help. Not only is she able to provide him with a place t...

  • Gabrielle Lee

    Wilkie has once again found himself a bad alpha. This one showing his true colors when he is caught cheating. Wilkie is devasted and heart broken when he calls his friend for help. She brings him to h...

  • thebloggerandthegeek

    I wanted to like this one so much 😖 I'm so sad I couldn't enjoy it as much as the other stories within this world.I could not connect with the story, the characters, or the plot. I liked King in th...

  • Monika

    **2.5 StarsI wasn't really sure how to rate this one. There were some things I really didn't like and there were some things I liked a lot. There was far too much sex and I mean like sex on just about...