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The year is 252 AD and the Roman Empire is falling down a precipice.
It will take a man with iron in his veins to set things right and accomplish the impossible.
From a humble upbringing, a boy emerges who is destined to change history.
This is the story of Lucius Domitius Aurelianus.

Part VII: Illyrian
Lucius assists Aemilianus to drive Cannabaudes and his marauding bands of Goths from the lands of Rome. But the Roman general has his own hidden agenda – plans that Lucius wants no part of.
Far to the west, in the forests of Germania, ancient enemies rise again, and new ones, more powerful than ever, emerge. He rushes west to honour old oaths, and soon the friends find themselves north of the Rhine, aided by unlikely allies.
A struggle for ultimate power unfolds, and only with the help of Arash do they navigate the turbulent waters.
In the East, the shahanshah had been biding his time. He strikes deep into Syria while Rome is distracted by internal strife. By cunning, the great Persian king wins the support of Armenia.
In desperation, Lucius and his friends travel East in an attempt to keep the greatest prize of all from the clutches of Shapur.
But the god of war does not give without wanting in return.

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    Illyrian Reviews

  • Douglas Lambell

    I am still hookedIt had been a while since I had read Book 6, so it took a bit for me to remember the complex web of characters that surround Lucius, and some of the tribes took even longer. (I almost...

  • Sue Merritt

    One of the most addictive historical fiction series ever! This is the story of the Emperor Aurelian - Lucius Domitius Aurelianus - one of the most compelling characters from the mists of the Roman Emp...

  • Mark Clark

    This is the most exciting series I have ever read. I loved everything about this book and all of the books by this author. If I were brilliant, a scholar of history and could write an epic adventure, ...

  • Ian Denner

    Excellent This book gets a 4 star rating only based on the fact that I feel it is shorter in length than the previous books, which in my view is a Cardinal sin because it means a lot less reading plea...

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    Just gets better!This the seventh book in the series delivers. Miller does a great job of weaving history with fiction to create compelling characters and storylines. I recommend this book - and the e...

  • Pete

    Great historical history Superbly researched I sent the author my first email to an author. He responded immediately with comprehensive answers including suggestions for historical sources. ...

  • melvia mccann

    Book 7Very interesting and informative,there is much written about the rise and fall of Rome ,the author does an admirable job of filling in details during the 3 rd century. Keep writing like this and...

  • Heidi Leonard

    I loved it and wish it were longerI love the characters in this series and the stories line.It is books like these that make me want to research the history and travel. ...

  • Josh

    Amazing SeriesWow what a great series to read. I love how historically accurate this work of fiction is. I cannot wait for the next book to come out....

  • Wayne Wefel

    Thriceman SeriesA great series that has me wanting more! Love the way the characters have evolved. Waiting on book VIII. Thank you for the series....