Dangerous Stranger

Dangerous Stranger


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A Dark Mafia Romance

Mom always told me that getting into a car with a stranger was dangerous. She was right.

I came to Spain hoping to start a new life away from dangerous men, but then I met Rafael Santiago. Now I'm not just caught up in the affairs of a mafia boss, I'm being forced into his car.

When I saw something I shouldn't have, Rafael took me captive, stripped me bare, and punished me until he felt certain I'd told him everything I knew about his organization... which was nothing at all. Then he offered me his protection in return for the right to use me as he pleases.

Now that I belong to him, his plans for me are more shameful than I could have ever imagined.

Title:Dangerous Stranger
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    Dangerous Stranger Reviews

  • Alice

    What is the 365 days of fifty shades did I just witness!!!Lord best have glitched my kindle and left out all the actual content of characterization. Spoiler they love each other in the end...okay but ...

  • Charlotte

    Dark, a bit bloody with plenty of steam. Savannah (FMC) ends up in Spain to run her aunts art gallery but a chance meeting with Rafael and her life gets a little darker as well as more dangerous. With...

  • Chris

    "Dangerous Stranger" was a huge mess for me.... It took me a while to actually figure out what was going on and after that it was meh... I really liked the synopsis, it was promising but the execution...

  • Regina

    No depthThis was a story of sex and little action. Didn't really get into these characters. Nothing about them made me care if they were happy or sad . Most of this book was. Inner thoughts ..long inn...

  • Bette

    A Thrilling Ride! Outstanding Narration🎧Dangerous StrangerA Dark Mafia RomanceBy: Piper StoneNarrated by: Thomas LocklearWow, this book grabs your attention right from the start and captivates it...

  • Anne Harris

    WOW WOW WOW THIS IS ONE HOT HOT HOT READ!!!Savannah and Rafael are amazing together. The chemistry and the connection is off the charts. Rafael has saved Savannah more than once and he knows there is ...

  • Peggy

    Mixed feelings on this one. Really have mixed feelings on this one. I haven’t read a great deal from this author but I don think anyway mafia genre is her usual books. The story is about Rafael and ...

  • Andrea

    Savannah has fled the United States and the unacceptable future she's been given. She can't go through with the life that is expected of her, so she takes he aunt up on her offer to run her Art Galler...

  • Lynette

    Genre: Mafia RomanceBook Length: NovelPOV: Alternating DualSetting: SpainHero: Rafael is next in line to become Don in the mafia. He has shoulder length dark curly hair, cobalt blue eyes and a scar on...

  • SBee Reviews

    ★ “The Santiago way” ★—>>> Rafael has had tragedy shape the role he has no choice but to take as the head of the Santiago organization. His father was counting on him to step up as a leader....