Mail Order Matilda

Mail Order Matilda


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Matilda (Tilly) Freeman is in a dire position. With little money, her reputation in tatters because of a man’s lies, she answers an advertisement for a mail order bride.

Brodie Miller desperately needs a housekeeper to help him run his stagecoach business. He is not looking for romance. Only women without children need apply.

After corresponding, Brodie and Tilly decide they are suited for each other.

On the way to wed Brodie, Tilly’s coach is held up and she finds herself landed with eight-month old Daisy. How can she let such a sweet child be sent to an orphanage?

Brodie is shocked when his mail order bride turns up with a baby. Tilly has lied to him. The one thing he didn’t want was a child to complicate his life.

Why is Brodie so dead set against having a baby in his life? Will Tilly be able to persuade him to let her and the baby stay? Or will it be little Daisy who will thaw his frozen heart, so they can all have their happily ever after ending?

Title:Mail Order Matilda
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    Mail Order Matilda Reviews

  • Sandra Aaron

    This is an OK mail-order bride romance, with mostly likable characters, but I did have a few issues with it. It gets 2.5 stars from me, rounded up to 3 stars.First, it was just too short to have enoug...

  • Earlene Click

    Brodie and TullyThis is a very cute, short, mail order bride tale by Margaret Tanner. She has done a great job with the plot and the characters too. Tillie thought she was married when the sheriff vis...

  • Dorothey Thompson

    Mail Order MatildaI really enjoyed this story. The flow of the story was so great, rolling along, keeping you interested. Tilly was told by the sheriff that her thought to be husband was a bigamist an...

  • Phyllis Rundell

    The author has penned a sweet and heartwarming story with great characters. This is Matilda (Tillie) and Brodie's story. It has lots of action including lies, bigamy, death, deception, a stage coach r...

  • BROWN2

    Chance A series of connected events and tragedy lead Tilly to a new life. A mail-order bride with a secret, Tilly needs to find somewhere to fast. Brodie is in desperate need of a maid and a cook so h...

  • Sharon

    A good read Brodie- owner of stagecoach stop with boarding Tilly- was duped in a bigamist marriage now trying to make a good life for herself I enjoyed reading this engaging story that is well written...

  • Barbara

    DupedFully is filed by her husband, a true tragedy. Becoming a mail order bride is her only choice. Brodie Miller needs a wife immediately; one who can care for the guests of his stage coach business....

  • Denola Burton

    Loved it!Loved Mail Order Matilda! This is a stand alone book even though it is a part of the Widows, Brides and Secret Brides series. It does not have a cliff hanger. I love this series and can’t w...

  • Lea & Sandra

    Strength in many formsTilly is dealt a rough blow through deceit of another's action. Brodie offers a new start but needs to see her values....

  • Wilma K. Campbell

    Great book!!...