The Pining

The Pining


Hungry. Pining. Ravenous.
Is this the state of Katy’s empty belly after another hard winter—or the starvation of her soul?

When Katy steps through a fairy ring to her father’s world, she hopes to leave behind the human sufferings of hunger and sorrow. Once in the realm of the Fay, Katy finds herself in a world of beauty and eternal merriment, where no one ages and she’s treated like a princess instead of a pariah. Yet under that exterior of perfection, lies a darker world that she’s only a taste away from realizing.

Will Katy be able to withstand the temptations of fairy food—and fairy love?

What does fruit gifted by fairies to mortals, the garden of Eden, and one step into a fairy ring all have in common? Read this fairy tale retelling of classic folklore to find out!

Title:The Pining
Edition Language:English
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    The Pining Reviews

  • Catherine Pratt

    This story sure was different. I really liked it though. To me it's kinda like a mix of 2 stories. It's like a beautiful love story turn bad. I doubt that is what the author was thinking. I was confus...

  • Cair-Paravel De Loulay

    A young must choose which world she wants to be a part of: human or fae. This choice is made by whose food she eats. Once made there is no going back. It reminds me of a fairytale version of Morpheus ...

  • Sherry Westendorf

    She goes to her dad's fae world to get away from some bad things for her. But even though it is beautiful and such that are bad things there too. If she eats there food she can't go back to the human ...

  • Angel Mcduffie

    Sarina Dorie has given us another view into the world of fae. Her story of the pining had me wanting to cry for Katy and her family....

  • Rebecca Brown

    Such a wonderful exciting book with a new outlook on Fairies. And lets us know one should always listen to one's mother.Love reading author Sarina Dorie's books....