Menace In The Mountain Mist

Menace In The Mountain Mist


Caleb’s new wife, Spring Flower, who now calls herself Flora in order to fit into Bear Creek society, finds a bear cub whose mother’s been killed by wolves. She takes it home and nurses it back to health, something that Caleb, uneasy about at first, comes to accept. They even give the cub the name Snuffy, and delight in how it becomes close with Dog.

Later, while shopping in Bear Creek, Flora is accosted by three ruffians, and Caleb gives them a drubbing. The incident is forgotten for months until one day, as the spring mist is enshrouding their peaceful mountain home, the past comes calling. Events combine in a bloody confrontation that will leave you breathless.

Title:Menace In The Mountain Mist
Edition Language:English
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    Menace In The Mountain Mist Reviews

  • Charles Castell

    Caleb and Flora react as I picture our old western folklore families responded to their ongoing situations. Caleb pulls no punches in bringing justice to those responsible for their many injustices to...

  • Julie

    Book twoFollowing the life of Caleb and Flora after reaching Bear Creek was interesting and exciting. Hoping there is a book three in the future that will be a bit longer....

  • veronica thrasher

    I just like these books and the characters....

  • Martha Peebles

    Caleb Johnson book 2I am really enjoying these books on mountain man Caleb Johnson. I look forward to book 📚 three. Thank you. Charles Ray for these great 📚....

  • Diane

    Poorly writtenI have up after a few pages as it was very annoying trying to read over all the typos!!!!please get an editor to read before you put out to read....


    Watch dogs!!!!?Love the aspect of having 2 animals being good friends, and protectors. Both books blend..1 and 2 are very well written ...