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Late in the night, fourteen-year-old Sam Watson steps onto a quiet overpass, climbs over the rail and looks down at the road far below.

At the other end of the same bridge, an old man, Vic, smokes his last cigarette.

The two see each other across the void. A fateful connection is made, and an unlikely friendship blooms. Slowly, we learn what led Sam and Vic to the bridge that night. Bonded by their suffering, each privately commits to the impossible task of saving the other.

Honeybee is a heart-breaking, life-affirming novel that throws us headlong into a world of petty thefts, extortion plots, botched bank robberies, daring dog rescues and one spectacular drag show.

At the heart of Honeybee is Sam: a solitary, resilient young person battling to navigate the world as their true self; ensnared by a loyalty to a troubled mother, scarred by the volatility of a domineering step-father, and confounded by the kindness of new alliances.

Honeybee is a tender, profoundly moving novel brimming with vivid characters and luminous words. It's about two lives forever changed by a chance encounter -- one offering hope, the other redemption. It's about when to persevere, and when to be merciful, as Sam learns when to let go, and when to hold on.

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    Honeybee Reviews

  • jessica

    the majority of you have probably never heard of craig silvey, but he is an australian author who wrote a delightful gem of a book called ‘jasper jones.’ its been over ten years since hes writ...

  • Krystal

    When this book released, I was firmly on the fence (see below for original thoughts).I wasn't at all motivated to read it, but the positive reviews that started rolling in had me asking you, the GR co...

  • fantine

    *edit 29/09/21 - fantastic review by a trans writer --> https://sydneyreviewofbooks.com/revie...DNF at 40% - but skimmed through the rest. Quite frankly I had to put this down as I began to feel sick ...

  • Meags

    5 StarsMy favourite book of 2020. 🙌Craig Silvey’s long-anticipated new novel did not disappoint. Beautifully written and flawlessly executed, this compelling coming-of-age story, about a young Au...

  • Carolyn

    Honeybee is a heartbreaking and beautiful book about a transgender teen living at the margins of society. His single mother is too immersed in her own world to really see who he is and give him the lo...

  • Sharon

    BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!It’s been quite a few years since Aussie author Craig Silvey has written a book, but I can honestly say this one was well worth the wait. I was really blown away by thi...

  • Brenda

    Fourteen-year-old Sam Watson couldn’t take the bullying anymore. He stood on the edge of the bridge, high above the road and wondered what it would feel like. When he saw a man at the other end it m...

  • Nat K

    *** Winner of the 2021 Indie Book Awards for Fiction 2021 ****** Shortlisted for the 2021 ABIA Prize *** *** Winner of Dymocks Book of the Year 2020*** ” You got to give it a fighting chance. Find o...

  • Rob

    Fiction writing at its best published 2020.5 stars for its emotion and emphathy.After reading so many great reviews about Honeybee I was expecting a good reading experience but I was not prepared for ...

  • PattyMacDotComma

    5★“I liked feeling exhausted and I liked punishing my body. I imagined my muscles tearing apart. I wanted to rip myself up from the inside.”Sam Watson is 14, that tricky age between childhood an...