Almost Fired by the Cowboy

Almost Fired by the Cowboy


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He’s a billionaire cowboy with something to prove. She’s not impressed with money or power.

Salvatore is the blondest and burliest son in the Miller family ranching empire. Tension is flaring up between his brothers and father. Now Sal is out to prove he can take over as favorite son.

There’s just one problem—nothing he tries is going right.

Nova is thrilled with her new job as vet tech on the McLintoc Miller Ranch. After all, with no family to help her, she’s out to prove she can make it on her own.

Except then she goes and practically football tackles the Miller’s burly son for trying to kill a snake. And his stuck-up attitude is surely going to get her fired. How can a cowboy who looks so perfect be so irritating?

Sal is distracted by this new girl on the ranch who questions his authority. He’s torn. Will he pursue his attraction to her or focus on winning his father’s approval?

Title:Almost Fired by the Cowboy
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    Almost Fired by the Cowboy Reviews

  • Maria

    A sweet and enjoyable novel. I really liked the heroine Nova. Her feisty personality and love of animals made her very likeable, and I loved her cheerful personality and zest for life. Salvatore I def...

  • Kathleen Bradbury (Bulfon)

    I liked this book. The story was well written and flowed beautifully. The characters were well defined within the story and they had such great chemistry. I loved the ending. If you like the works of ...

  • Emily Pennington

    Nova and Salvatore are both out to prove something and it makes for a rough beginning. Sal is one of McLintok Miller’s sons and wants to prove his worth and ability to take over as favorite son. But...

  • Knight Linda

    Another exciting book in the Miller Brothers Series that will keep you ribbed to the edge of your chair the entire time. Salvatore was trying to find his place in the family, but he was getting more c...

  • Maggi West

    I loved this book immensely. Sal the 2nd youngest brother of the Millers and he feels Completely left out in the running of the ranch. His father isn’t happy with the way his older sons are running ...

  • Marie Bourgery

    Sal is one of the wealthy Miller siblings and Nova is a nomadic vet tech from the UK who is barely scraping by. He doesn't understand why she can't just “fix” her knee issue. Both of them had issu...

  • Sandy

    A change in behavior.What a wonderful addition to her series Ms. Dean has given us such a sweet and wonderful love story. Meeting over a snake Sal and Nova was rather an interesting way in getting the...

  • James a Schmidt

    “Almost Fired by the Cowboy: Western Romance”(Miller Brothers of Texas Book 4)This book ,like the others in this series is very good.It takes awhile to get into,but then you have a hard time putti...

  • Norma Wiegert

    Nova was just hired as the new vet tech at the Miller ranch. On her day at work she sees a man in the process of killing a non-poisonous snake. in order to save the snake Nova tackles the man and knoc...

  • Anonymous 5

    Another great addition to the Millers Brothers series! This is a really sweet small town romance with wonderful characters that are realistic, relatable, and endearing. This book focuses on Sal and hi...