A telepath with a lethal twist.

My name is Neely and I live among shapeshifters in the desert truckstop town of Sundance, California. As a telepath-spiker, I can read a person's thoughts.
I can also spike deadly power straight into their brain.

I've got my hands full navigating an undefined relationship with Lucas Blacke, the sexy tiger alpha of the Sundance shifter group, and trying to run my bakery, La Buena Suerte Panaderia, while dodging random alpha leaders bent on turning me into a weapon. But when one of the would-be kidnappers finally gets lucky and grabs me, I find myself in a whole new world of trouble.

Trapped and on my own, I've only got myself to depend on. The rules I've always lived by have been swept aside and second-guessing myself is no longer an option.
If I want to get out of this alive, I'll have to spike my way out.

If you enjoy urban fantasy with a side order of romance, fast-paced action, and a dash of humor, pick up SABOTAGED today!

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    Sabotaged Reviews

  • Jen Davis

    I've got to say, I was starting to wonder if every book in this series was going to feature a megalomaniac alpha trying to steal Neely to turn her into a crossbreed. After all, that's what happened in...

  • Katyana

    There is just way, way, way too much that she lets slide. People who abuse her that she decides to let live and go free.Her father is frankly unforgivable, but Neely forgives everyone and does what th...

  • thewoollygeek (tea, cake, crochet & books)

    I think this was the best of the three so far, what a ride, was on the edge of my seat and axioms with this one, poor Neely what she went through and then her Dad. I really hope there will be future b...

  • Vanessa

    I'm so impressedI don't think that I have read another book with a "spiker" as a lead character. You get your usual vampire mind messing but clearly nothing like this. Neely is a struggling character ...

  • Swalsk

    I super like this series! I had to re-read books 1 and 2 because I couldn't remember a bunch of stuff. I'm glad I did, got me hooked into this one. The characters keep growing! I want the next book!Si...

  • Shannon

    Big 5 stars!Packed full of emotion and action. This story delves into the deep dark places in all of us reaching toward the peak of immoral actions that only true selfless love can breach. It is where...

  • Denisa

    Still cute and nice, it ends just like you'd expect, but it does have a twist: the chick finally becomes badass(ish), so, if this world continues, I might give it a try.Worth reading?Well, yeah, if yo...

  • Wende

    So sadI have read the whole series in a day and now I have to wait for more books. I love how Neely is coming into her powers. I can't wait to see where this leads her...

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

    As I said in a the review for book 2 of the series, it’s ADDICTINGAfter reading this book, I am so hoping this is not the last book in the series. I devoured the first three books in two days. I wan...

  • Vintagebooklvr

    3 1/2 stars. I love Neely. She's a great character; she seems so real with hangups and quirks but with some tough steel under her soft exterior. Plenty of drama is this one that will be bound to chang...