Audacious Fiancé

Audacious Fiancé


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Years ago, he broke me.
Now he’s back with a proposition.
He needs a fake fiancée, and I’m the one he’s come to.

Audacious— that’s how I would describe him. He was my first love, my first kiss, and my first heartbreak, from which I never truly healed.
Kane was once the man of my dreams, on paper—strong, handsome, and a complete charmer. But the problem is, he has never given a damn about anyone but himself.
I’ve never witnessed a desperate man until Kane knocked on my door with literally the proposal of a lifetime.
I must admit, it’s ironic he’s come to me given the way things ended between us.
It’s possibly the worst idea ever, but I need the money. How do I not fall for Kane all over again and risk history repeating itself? Only time will tell.

Title:Audacious Fiancé
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    Audacious Fiancé Reviews

  • Jessica Alcazar

    Ya’ll ... this book was a lot!! I can count on two hands and need more fingers the plot points that made zero sense in the grand scheme of it all.One word: Nathan. *blink*...

  • Erin Lewis

    4 Star Review Audacious Fiance by Liz LovelockWhat I love about these collections is that a variety of authors are involved. Australian author Liz Lovelock is a new author to me. This is Jolene and Ka...

  • Ri

    3.75 starsThis was a merging of a second chance and fake fiance. That seemed a bit odd to me at first but was willing to see how this author would go about managing it, considering that if it had been...

  • Tash

    The heroine in this one is having a bad week. First she meets her ex-boyfriend Kane who she isn't please to see given how they parted. Then the streak of bad luck continue for Jolene and soon the only...

  • Ree

    Jolene is being hit with a double whammy. First, she encounters her first love, Kane, whom she still has very strong feelings for, while working, and then her live-in boyfriend dumps her. Attempting t...

  • Ele Scofield

    Audacious Fiancé started out strong, setting up the story perfectly but instead of building on the characters' relationship and chemistry, it just continued in a straight line and eventually fell fla...

  • Kari Hansen

    Jolene’s day has gone from bad to worse as not only did she run into Kane, the man who broke her heart years earlier, but now her engagement has come to an unexpected end. The last thing she needs i...

  • Isha Coleman

    Audacious Fiance has so much going on it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Lovelock wads her way into dangerous territory and at times falls short of finding her way out. Jolene and Kane pack on the ...

  • Andi Isack

    Nice fake fiancee romance, well kind of second chance too. But a good read, considering how much JoJo make him work and sweat to win her over.*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an hone...

  • Rina's Reads

    Short and sweet.A second chance romance filled with loss, hurt, sweetness and hope.Kane and Jolene were adorable....