Do you know what I love? Being my own boss. Do you know what I hate? A lack of social life.
Silver Springs is supe friendly, so I thought it was the perfect place to call home with my pet pig, Wilma.
Too bad I can’t seem to get myself out to meet people, despite Wilma’s consistent nagging.
Oh, did I mention she talks? Turns out I was born as a slightly defective mermaid, more animalistic than I’d like to admit.
The one bonus? I’m Mrs freakin DooLittle. I consider it a curse at times.
I’d been hoping that Silver Springs might be my one place to maybe meet someone special, but I’m starting to think that was all a dream I can’t reach.
That is, until I decide to fancy up my special pool out back.
Blaine is one fine as hell landscaper, and he’s got some delicious friends to help him.
Maybe Silver Springs isn’t so bad.
Now if only Wilma can stop telling me good their butts look from her level.

***NOTE - This is a fastburn RH***

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  • Annette

    I can't believe that this is already book 8 in the Spell Library series! After this one only four more (and of course Love Blooms) and then this series is already over! Time really flies when you're h...

  • Natalie

    I was hoping for more talking animals, maybe a little bit of craziness. Fast burn RH, multiple POV, three supe guys. It was sweet, a little quirky where Wilma is concerned but mostly about a mermaid t...

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    Sage and CrewThis is a crazy, laugh out loud and steamy book. I love Sage and her pet Wilma. OMG I can't count how many times I spit my drink out while reading this book. Definitely NSFW either. So wh...

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    Sage is book 8 in the book 8 in the Spell Library series. The books in the series are written by different authors and can be read as a standalone. Sage was a good read. Sage is a mermaid shifter, whi...

  • Debbie Eyre

    I am loving this series and this latest addition is every bit as good as the rest! A fun read with a talking pig (ex witch) & a mermaid I mean who would think of a story about that?? Throw in a hot va...

  • Mona  Brown

    I love Sage, but Wilma stole my heart. Sage comes to Silver Springs because her family thinks she is defective, and she has to leave her tribe. This is a sweet, fast read that i enjoyed. Wilma is hila...

  • Tiffany Rains

    I have to say, this is my first mermaid shifter read and it did not let me down. I have to admit how much I love her pig Wilma too lol. Sage was a rather quick read with lots of laughs, definitely som...

  • Missy Brown

    I always enjoy a good light hearted read, one that will leave you with a smile on your face. This whole series has done that for me. All of these character have been fun to read, not to mention you ge...

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    I'm starting to realise that I have a weak spot for talking pets in books. How can you not love Wilma? The talking pig is definitely my favourite character. Sage is a mermaid who is making her way in ...

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    Sage: A paranormal romance (Spell Library Book 8) Kindle Edition by J.E. CluneyThank you to the author for a complimentary advance review copy. I am choosing to leave a fair and honest review.This is ...