The Lion of Mars

The Lion of Mars


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A kid raised on Mars learns that he can't be held back by the fears of the grown-ups around him.

Bell has spent his whole life - all eleven years of it - on Mars. But he's still just a regular kid - he loves cats, any kind of cake, and is curious about the secrets the adults in the US colony are keeping. Like, why don't have contact with anyone on the other Mars colonies? Why are they so isolated? When a virus breaks out and the grown-ups all fall ill, Bell and the other children are the only ones who can help. It's up to Bell - a regular kid in a very different world - to uncover the truth and save his family ... and possibly unite an entire planet.

Title:The Lion of Mars
Edition Language:English
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    The Lion of Mars Reviews

  • Ms. Yingling

    E ARC provided by NetgalleyReview posted here:

  • Wendy Garland

    Jennifer Holm has an uncanny way of delivering a science fiction novel that makes even a science-fiction-averse reader such as myself fall in love with it.The Lion of Mars takes place on...Mars. Bell ...

  • Shaye Miller

    It’s March 5, 2091, and Bell shares his experience of being raised on Mars. Later in the story, we learn that any time a new adult made the journey to Mars, they were required to bring an orphan wit...

  • Missy

    No matter in which time period a book is set, a good story about kids having adventures, solving problems independently, and realizing that adults are human is always welcome. The Lion of Mars takes p...

  • Ina

    In my high school creative writing class the teacher said the mark of a good science fiction story is that it is first a good story in a science fiction setting. This is that story. This is a story fr...

  • Emily

    This may be my favorite Jennifer L. Holm book. Although the book takes place entirely on Mars, it feels believable and realistic. An author’s note details what aspects of the story are based on curr...

  • Laura Gardner

    What an incredible read! 🌟 🚀[email protected] is one of my favorite authors and this new MG did nothing disappoint! The characters are wonderful and multifaceted and the science fiction concept ...

  • Martha

    Experiencing life on Mars through the eyes of expressive 11 year-old-Bell, the youngest member of the U.S. colony who travels and relocates on Mars, shares convincing details about the planet, and how...

  • Lorraine

    Eleven year old Bell lives on Mars. He was brought there as a baby. He lives with his "family," which consists of several other kids and adults. He is the youngest. He describes daily life on Mars - e...

  • Kim Bahr

    The resolution was a bit quick but cute story...