Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need

Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need


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Former English teacher and homeschooling mother of three, Jessica Smartt felt the weight of helping prepare her kids for life, especially with all the outside pressures and influence of the world. She struggled with how she could raise her children with a sense of adventure, self-confidence, manners, faith, and the ability to utilize technology wisely.

Let Them Be Kids is Jessica’s offering of grace and confidence to moms, giving them practical ideas to meet these challenges. Her well-researched, tested methods, woven together with her personal stories and witty humor, deliver wisdom on the tough topics of life, such as

family time vs. outside activities,
being “cool” or not,
technology usage
sexual purity, and
showing grace when kids disobey.
Part story and part guidebook, every chapter includes doable strategies and encouragement for the journey.

Let Them Be Kids helps moms feel confident and equipped with ways to provide a safe, healthy, Christ-centered childhood for their children. It leads them to conquer fear and find truth that transforms them and their families as it reminds them how to enjoy and cherish the special memory-making moments of building family values together.

Title:Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need
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    Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need Reviews

  • Alicia Bayer

    This is a pretty standard Christian parenting book. I was hoping for more focus on things in the title like adventure but it's the same thing we've all heard or said a million times as parents -- kids...

  • Amanda  H

    As a parent of young children, I really appreciated this book! I feel like we constantly battle how much screen time to allow the kids to have, verses un-structed play. Especially with having been qua...

  • Sarah Robbins

    I loved this book! It was half reminder, half excellent new ideas to incorporate- but wholly encouraging for the type of mother I want to be and am in the process of becoming. What I really love about...

  • Jenny Shazaam

    I believe strongly in the author's thesis that adventure and boredom help develop children's creativity and make them overall happier and more well-balanced. I read this book on the recommendation of ...

  • Chrisann

    What kind of parent are you?⁣I’m the kind that realizes I’m an imperfect person leading imperfect little people everyday. I’m the kind who feels like I try so hard and fail so hard and every t...

  • Kathi Reeder

    Not anything too earth shattering here or brand new epiphanies, but solid reminders (that I frankly needed) throughout the book. ...

  • Carryl Lee

    Not a lot new here. Written by a young homeschooling "mommy blogger" about what parents should be doing nowadays and how much better it was when her generation was growing up. Faith based.Thanks Net G...

  • Alice' Harper

    I devoured this book because I think I was the intended target audience. LOVES: the chapters on risk/challenge, manners, & adventure. I loved her point that nature is healing. I loved the lists naming...

  • Erica

    I enjoyed the down to earth, sarcastic humor,real life way the author wrote this book. The last chapter on faith and passing it on was my favorite. I wish she had, had more about faith in her other ch...

  • Caroline

    I got this book as a GoodReads Giveaway. I am not exactly the demographic for this book. I’m 28, childless, not religious, and don’t live in the south. That being said I still want to give this a ...