Back To Bear Creek

Back To Bear Creek


After saving former Confederate officer Ben Winthrop from a lynch mob, black mountain man, Caleb Johnson is talked into guiding him from Colorado to Oregon. He then lets himself be talked into spending two years there helping Ben get his ranch started. But he wants to get back to his little cabin near Bear Creek, Colorado, even though he’ll miss Ben’s wife, Wenona, the Shoshone princess, and her two sons.

Finally, though, Caleb puts his foot down. He saddles his horse, named Horse, and calls his dog, named Dog, and sets off for home, a journey that is anything but routine—or peaceful. It’s just normal chaos, though, until he gets to Wenona’s tribal village in Utah, and finds his Shoshone friend being threatened by a greedy rancher and land poacher who is moving to take over their traditional hunting ground. Now, Caleb’s a peace-loving man, but you just don’t threaten his friends. He’d planned to spend the winter with the Shoshone, and get rested up to resume his journey after the spring thaw.

Title:Back To Bear Creek
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  • Desert Hurricane

    Quick, fast-paced western, which was exactly what I wanted. I had no idea who Charles Ray was or that he has about a million titles in his catalog, but he's on Kindle Unlimited and this story didn't d...


    Interesting characters, action, and country. Cleanly written....

  • Julie

    Book oneEnjoyed this book very much. It was fast paced with enough action and suspense to keep me reading right to the end!!...

  • Richard Erickson

    Mountain ManThese Mountain Men books are very enjoyable to read. They are well written and the descriptions are pretty cool! Thanks for writing them. I look forward to more....

  • Martha Peebles

    Caleb JohnsonThank you Charles Ray for a great read. I really enjoyed this ­čôľ and look forward to reading the others....