Chasing Fortune

Chasing Fortune


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Echo Team has a new addition—a K-9, and he’s in need of training . . .

Eight-plus years as Echo Three and Chris Hunter is still as mission-focused as ever, continuing to fight for his country as part of a secretive team of operatives serving the President.

When Chris decides to rescue a dog for the team, he soon discovers he and the guys are far from K-9 whisperers, and they need help. When Chris seeks a witty and beautiful woman he once met to train his Belgian Malinois, he winds up tripping all over himself to impress the dog handler as well.

After a decade of thrill-seeking, Rory McAdams decides to move to New Orleans and put her adventurous life behind her, hoping to pursue her other passion working with dogs. She never anticipates a gorgeous Navy SEAL to knock on the door and hire her for her first job.

Training Chris’s K-9 is one thing. Trying not to fall for the dog’s hilarious and handsome owner . . . quite another.

But when a dangerous threat from Rory’s past comes back to haunt her, she’ll find herself turning to Chris for help to partake in one final mission—one meant to save her life.

It’s an operation like no other, and Echo and Bravo Teams must do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means working with the enemy.

The Stealth Ops Team - Navy SEALS who handle off-the-books operations for the President under the guise of an alias, Scott & Scott Securities.

*Each book in this action-packed romantic suspense series can be read as a standalone.

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    Chasing Fortune Reviews

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    ARCs are out!! cue deep breaths :)...

  • Jessie

    This book is the BEST, hands down! That should be enough for you to go ahead and read this book and one click/buy it on every platform possible because you bet I will! Chris just might be your next bo...

  • Carolyn

    Brittney Sahin is one of my favorite authors. She expertly weaves a story filled with action & drama without sacrificing the plot or character development. Her Stealth Ops series centers around two te...

  • Katie Bohlen

    This book is packed with action, excitement, steamy scenes, and lots of characters from past present, and future storylines! 'Chasing Fortune' delves into PTSD; Chris puts a face to it. Through his ch...

  • Karina

    Brittney Sahin's Stealth Ops series has really become one of my favorite book series ever. All the books are cleverly written, features relatable characters, humor, hot romance, heart-stopping action,...

  • Stacey (Total Book Addicts)

    The book that I've been waiting for I finally got to read it.. I actually finished reading it 3 days ago but I seriously needed a few days to process the whole book lol.I'm absolutely so in love with ...

  • Karissa Downs

    Wow. I was so excited for this book and now that I am finished with it I am sad that it is over. Chris, Rory and Bear’s story was exciting and action packed as well as fun and steamy. We have a whol...

  • Jenn

    A 5+ star adventureGreat action, great crossover, great story, great everything. This book starts off with a huge surprise twist and the adventure, romance, and humor just kept coming. Rory is a fabul...

  • Nicole Mullinax

    Do you ever think to yourself how does the author come up with these stories. Well this book is no exception to that thought. The visual story Brittney builds is so vibrate you can litterly see the ch...

  • Ali Lochrie

    Read the ARC and it didn't disappoint! The series just gets better and better. So many twists and turns, old and new characters coming together...and Bear...another fantastic story. A must read!!...