Win the Day: 7 Habits That Unleash the Power of 24 Hours

Win the Day: 7 Habits That Unleash the Power of 24 Hours

The New York Times bestselling author of Chase the Lion offers seven powerful habits for success that help you tackle the present in order to reach your God-sized goals.

Mark Batterson knows from personal experience that big deficits and seemingly insurmountable odds are only transformed into bright futures through consistent, persistent effort. It's the little things, the daily habits that change the trajectory of everything that follows. For the first time ever, Batterson offers publicly his seven key habits to winning each and every day. In Win the Day, you will learn to:

- Flip the Script: Change your signature story.
- Kiss the Wave: See the obstacle not as your enemy, but as your way.
- Eat the Frog: Stop trying to find time and make it.
- Fly the Kite: Do little things like they're big things.
- Cut the Rope: Take the right risks.
- Wind the Clock: Recognize that it's never too late!
- Seize the Day: Make every day a masterpiece.

Batterson unpacks these habits rooted in scripture and experience and then teaches you how to pursue them with dedication and life-changing focus in the now. After all, if yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery, then all you have to do is win today!

Title:Win the Day: 7 Habits That Unleash the Power of 24 Hours
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    The book can be summarized by a quote from Mark Batterson: "Quit wasting guilt on yesterday. Quit wasting worry on tomorrow. It's time to start living in day-tight compartments." Batterson makes the c...

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    If Mark Batterson wrote it, you know it is good. I might be a little biased, though. Both Batterson and I are CBC graduates. Not only that, but we are also both writers. He has written 17 books. I hav...

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    Win The Day is a Christian living book by author Mark Batterson.This is a well-written book for any reader that wants to ‘Win The Day’. The book has lots of information on forming habits to help y...

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    Great book to set me up for 2021. Mark’s not only sharing good insight, he does it with extraordinarily fresh stories. Lots to mull and implement. Biggest thing is making the most of the single day ...

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    This book was just what I needed to get out of the rut of 2020 and start 2021 afresh!I love Mark's storytelling skills and his simple, yet powerful habits for creating change and making a difference u...

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    I have yet to read a Batterson book I haven’t liked. He continues to amaze me, this one being no different. If I’m honest, he didn’t go the direction I anticipated. After reading this book I fee...