Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose

Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose


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"Discover Your Dharma will give you clear direction on how to step into your purpose and say yes to your deepest desires." —GABBY BERNSTEIN

It is no coincidence you have found this book. Your soul is calling you to step fully into your purpose, your truth, the reason why you are here: your dharma. This lifetime is about figuring out what your dharma is. When you say yes to your higher calling, everything you've been seeking naturally manifests. This book will guide you through the journey and lead you to a life of happiness, abundance, joyful service, and fulfillment.

In Discover Your Dharma, bestselling Ayurvedic author and Highest Self Podcast host Sahara Rose shares her unique approach to discovering your dharma through the Doshas (the Ayurvedic mind-body types) and the chakras (energy centers of the body). Take the "What's Your Dharma Archetype?" quiz and use your Dharma Blueprint to unlock the code of what you're meant to do next, in your relationships, business, and every facet of your life. Modernizing ancient Vedic wisdom, Sahara Rose shares how to remember your true essence, illuminate your path, and embrace your highest self.

In her signature style, she offers personal stories and reflections on dharma discovery and embodiment. Discovering your dharma is the most important work you can do. This is the perfect introduction to living in alignment for all spiritual seekers and anyone looking to become more self-aware.

Digital audio edition read by the author.

Title:Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose
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    Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose Reviews

  • Alaina

    Prior to reading an advanced copy of Discover Your Dharma, I have been spending the last few years really digging deep within myself to better understand what my purpose is on this earth. I always kne...

  • Cindy Charles

    The mighty kick in the pants that I needed!As an entrepreneur, I have always had direction and goals, and I have known what I was striving for, but something about it just didn't feel "right." After y...

  • Cara

    If you are on the path to find your purpose, then read this book. I started my journey back in February, and the words of Sahara have helped me every step of the way. Sahara, with her podcast and memb...

  • Konnykillsit

    There’s a majestic way in which Sahara takes dense, archaic, and quite frankly-dull aspects of ancient wisdom and disseminates it to the every womyn. She creates poetic imagery with every page and e...

  • John Scott

    Discover Your Dharma is Sahara Rose’s third book and my favorite! Sahara applies the lens of Doshas, Archetypes, and Ayurvedic concepts to the idea of Dharma, defined as “your soul’s purpose” ...

  • Tara Webb

    If you are looking for the book to pick up to navigate this year, then Sahara’s book Discover Your Dharma is it! So many times we wonder about our purpose on this planet and what we are meant to do....

  • Rachel

    Sahara Rose has captured the right words in the most relatable way about understanding the path to your dharma (purpose). With her down to earth and vulnerable shares plus that channeled wisdom, this ...

  • Caitlin

    Discover Your Dharma is the book you’ve been so deeply desiring. Author, Sahara Rose, teaches and shares her messages, insights, and life experiences to create a beautiful read. You’ll feel like y...

  • Fallyn

    Discover Your Dharma is one of those rare reads that you find yourself nose deep in, turning each page with excitement and can’t put it down. Each page has you wanting to dive further into the book ...

  • The Boss

    Sahara has a well known podcast so her reading her own book was a great choice. She give the inflection that she intended when writing the book and brings the words alive with humor, reverence, and th...