Her name is Kaliya Sahni.
Resident Tribunal Executioner, bounty hunter, and the last nagini.

And she’s gotten herself wrapped up in mysteries she might never be able to solve.

Kaliya finds herself stonewalled on the questions surrounding Raphael. Unable to find the answers she needs, she is reminded that she has a real job to do. She’s still at the beck and call of the Tribunal and she’s been lax on her duties.

What should be routine quickly becomes a fight for survival as Kaliya finds herself in a situation that will test her might and quick thinking. Plagued by the idea that it somehow ties into the mysteries surrounding her new partner, Kaliya will stop at nothing to survive and continue her search for the truth.

However, one thing is certain.

Kaliya’s the one being hunted now.

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    Snared Reviews

  • Ian

    Kaliya deals with the very worst of the supernatural community. The killers and the politicians. And sometimes they are one and the same. While performing a prison inspection, she and Raphael are atta...

  • Jacob Proffitt

    This is second in a series that builds over time. So definitely read them in order. They're less connected to the Jacky Leon series at this point, though the author supplies a complete timeline somewh...

  • Lorrie (Clockworkbookworm)

    Trigger Warning: Rape (SA past and mental), Mental Illness and GriefI am a definite fan and really enjoyed Snared, my only complaint... Having to wait for the next book! Reader problems. Lol I love th...

  • ?Me Myshelf and I?

    The wait for this sequel nearly killed me. Book 1 set the bar really high and maybe that’s why it fell short of the full 5 stars for me. I absolutely love Kaliya and Raph. What I hate is secrets. I ...

  • Rhiannon Chillingworth

    This was so, so, so good!Kristen Banet is one of my favourite authors because I love the way she writes the female leads and her world building is top notch. There's just a...credability to her writin...

  • Vintagebooklvr

    This has a very different feeling to it than the Jacky books even though it is in the same universe. Kalyia is interesting, particularly as a snake shifter, who if they exist in other books usually is...

  • Soph

    I loved this continuation of the story, kaliya is a complex character who really doesn’t trust anyone but her. She finds herself attacked and being the hunted rather than the hunter and it forces he...

  • Heather Gilbert

    The mysteries surrounding Kaliya and her reluctant charge, Raphael, come to a head in this second installment of this off-shoot Tribunal Series, though no true answers are found. Instead, the pair (wh...

  • Aimee

    Snared is the second book in this series and if anything it was even more exciting and enticing than the first. I had SO many questions after the first book and knowing this was a 6 book series it was...

  • Jeanny

    3 starsExciting stuff, can’t wait to dive into this conspiracy. ...