Chosen Spirits

Chosen Spirits

"She’d decided, that night, that she wouldn’t leave. That she would stay in India, in Delhi, and belong as hard as she could..."

Joey is a Reality Controller, in charge of the livestream of a charismatic and problematic celebrity in smog-choked, water-short, ever-transforming Delhi - a city on the brink of revolution, under the shadow of multiple realities and catastrophes - at the end of the 2020s.

When Joey impulsively rescues a childhood friend, Rudra, from his new-elite family and the comfortable, horrific life they have chosen for him, she sets into motion a chain of events — a company takeover, a sex scandal, a series of betrayals — that disintegrates not just their public and private selves, but the invisible walls that divide the city around them.

To find the lives they need, Joey and Rudra must reckon with people and forces beyond their understanding, in a world where trust is impossible, popularity is conformity, and every wall has eyes.

CHOSEN SPIRITS is a near-future anti-dystopian novel by Indian sf/fantasy pioneer Samit Basu, the bestselling, critically acclaimed, internationally published, genre-redefining author of The Simoqin Prophecies, Turbulence, and many others.

Title:Chosen Spirits
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    Chosen Spirits Reviews

  • K.J. Charles

    "They'd known the end times were coming but hadn't known they'd be multiple choice." Ooof. That stings.This is an extraordinary, immersive read about a horribly plausible near future of grotesque weal...

  • Smriti

    Let me just start off by saying this book was a fucking ride and I LOVED IT. This was my first Samit Basu book and given that I had heard so many good things about him and his writing, I was excited. ...

  • Nitya Iyer

    Bro!I need a minute to process. Maybe a few.See the thing is, this whole dystopian future thing is feeling too damn close to reality in the most nauseating, terrifying way. ...

  • Suprita Ranjan (doyouevenreallyread)

    So I finally finished reading Samit Basu’s Chosen Spirits and to be honest I’m a bit confused, I have a lot of questions and very few answers.So the book is a near future dystopia set in Delhi, to...

  • Mridula Gupta

    Samit Basu draws a grotesque picture, one with unequal wealth distribution, climate change, an exploitative government and advanced technology that more of a bane than a boon.This dystopian world look...

  • Shreeya Sharma

    This book was hard to read. After the first chapter, I just had to put it down and take a break. It was way too real. When I picked it up again, I finished it in a day.This was my first book by Samit ...

  • Jyotsna

    This is such a beautiful dystopian book set in the near future, in India with a lot of elements that are relatable to the everyday Indian! Dystopia is pornographic, Olamina. You see it and shiver but...

  • Sonali Dabade

    Chosen Spirits was shortlisted for the JCB Prize 2020, which is why I picked it up, so that I could try to predict which of the five would win.You can watch the full video here:

  • Shivam  Parashar

    I must admit that I didn't give the book the attention it deserved, with all that is going around. The first half seemed a bit dragged. But the second half was really good, and it shined even through ...

  • Shaista Vaishnav

    An important book - and one that feels like it's being written as we speak. Illustrating our near future in precise detail, this one is an adventure right from page 1. ...