Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

She was born for all the wrong reasons. But her search for the truth reveals answers she wishes she could forget in this suspenseful and deeply moving novel from the author of The Last One.

What if your past wasn’t what you thought?

As a child, Linda Russell was left to raise herself in a 20-acre walled-off property in rural Washington. The woods were her home, and for twelve years she lived oblivious to a stark and terrible truth: Her mother had birthed her only to replace another daughter who died in a tragic accident years before.

And then one day Linda witnesses something she wasn’t meant to see. Terrified and alone, she climbs the wall and abandons her home, but her escape becomes a different kind of trap when she is thrust into the modern world—a world for which she is not only entirely unprepared, but which is unprepared to accept her.

And you couldn’t see a future for yourself?

Years later, Linda is living in Seattle and immersed in technology intended to connect, but she has never felt more alone. Social media continually brings her past back to haunt her, and she is hounded by the society she is now forced to inhabit. But when Linda meets a fascinating new neighbor who introduces her to the potential and escapism of virtual reality, she begins to allow herself to hope for more.

What would it take to reclaim your life?

Then an unexplained fire at her infamous childhood home prompts Linda to return to the property for the first time since she was a girl, unleashing a chain of events that will not only endanger her life but challenge her understanding of family, memory, and the world itself.

Title:Forget Me Not
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    Forget Me Not Reviews

  • MarilynW

    Forget Me Not by Alexandra OlivaIn the not too distant future, 24 year old Linda Russell is barely navigating life, holed up in her tiny apartment, avoiding contact with anyone, while being constantly...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    A unique, original, mind bending story of a colon girl l( or not, we’re getting there, promise!) who has been brought out the world to replace her death sister(really? Okay I can see thought balloon...

  • ScrappyMags

    So different. Soooo good.Shortest Summary Ever: It’s a few years into the future and Linda is living in busy Seattle, a far cry from where she escaped - where she was raised, isolated and alone in a...

  • Linda

    Forget Me Not is quite the trip through a beguiling maze. And at the very core is what is really real and what is really not.Alexandra Oliva introduces us to Linda Russell. Linda appears to be a timid...

  • Michelle

    DNF 25% - No rating and will not be included in my reading challenge. This is truly a matter of preference. This book that is set in the near future is all about gaming and virtual reality and both ar...

  • Bandit

    I loved Oliva’s debut The Last One. Thought it was terrific. One of the best reads of that year, quite possibly. So when her second book arrived on Netgalley I requested it immediately. No plot summ...

  • Karen?s Library

    I read this author’s first book, The Last One, and loved it so knew I needed to read Forget Me Not. And I was definitely not disappointed. This was another unique and intriguing story from beginning...

  • Nikki

    4-4.5 StarsWhen the publisher reached out to me to see if I was interested in reviewing Alexandra Oliva’s new novel, Forget Me Not, I immediately jumped at the chance having absolutely LOVED her deb...

  • Cat

    I absolutely loved this book! Linda Russell is a quirky young lady living a withdrawn and isolated life in the vibrant city of Seattle. Her reasons for being that way are slowly explained to the reade...

  • Carrie

    Review coming soon....