The Isolated Bride

The Isolated Bride


Sally Anderson is a poor seamstress from Chicago. Her rent is due very soon, but she is almost broke. She can't seem to find a new job. She has no relatives that live nearby. Sally is fortunate that she has a close friend named Amy that is willing to help her. However, Amy recently got married. Will Sally be able to live with Amy and her new husband if she cannot pay the rent on time? What can Sally do to finally pay the rent? Will her landlord be able to forgive her?

Sally recalls a conversation with Amy at the seamstress shop about a newspaper called the Matrimonial Times that can help her find a husband out west. What will it take for Sally to overcome her fears and use the Matrimonial Times to help her find a husband? Will she find the right husband who will love her?

Sally has no choice other than to travel out west to Bloomington, Idaho, to meet a rancher named Frank Collins, who placed an advert in the Matrimonial Times looking for a wife. After an adventurous train ride, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Frank never told her in his letters to her that they were going to be so isolated from society.

How will Sally live with nothing around, nobody to talk to, and barely anything to do around the house? Can Sally ever fully trust Frank? Will Frank and Sally be able to work things out as a married couple and truly fall in love with each other?

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Title:The Isolated Bride
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    The Isolated Bride Reviews

  • Glaidene Ramsey

    Mail Order Bride RomanceThe Bride in this book is from Chicago, Illinois . Her life is changing. She has a job but earns very little money. She goes for a Sunday walk and is hit in the face by a Matri...

  • Dyyanne

    Good, but a lot of mistakesGood story line but a few blunders. Leaves you shaking your head and wondering who did the proof reading. He picks her up from the stage bringing one horse for the both, she...

  • Linda B. Ellis

    A beautiful love stryThe love story of Frank and Sally was so touching as they both took a chance ; he wrote an advertisement for a wife and she answered the ad. Very touching story....

  • Joan Countryman

    The Isolated Bride By Rowan GracemillI really liked the : The Isolated Bride By Rowan Gracemill . Frank and Sally are soul mates . I recommend 18 and up ....

  • Peggy McKinstry

    Very good book. Love this author....