Stolen Heart (The Hearts of Sawyers Bend Book 1)

Stolen Heart (The Hearts of Sawyers Bend Book 1)

What happens when the only person you ever trusted betrays you?
Hope Daniels was my friend. My confident.
Right up until the day she stabbed me in the back and cost me everything.
My family. My fortune. My legacy.

Now my father's been murdered and his will might be the death of me.
It wasn’t enough to banish me fifteen years ago. Even dead, he cant resist twisting the knife.
He’ll give me back everything I lost, everything he stole … if I marry Hope.
To make matters worse, the fate of the town rests in my hands.

My siblings hate me, that family estate is falling apart, and my father’s murderer is still out there.

My only ally is Hope, the one person I know I can’t trust.

Except this Hope is different from the girl I knew. For one thing, she’s not a girl any more. She’s a woman.
I want to hate her. I absolutely don’t want to want her. But I do.

Title:Stolen Heart (The Hearts of Sawyers Bend Book 1)
Edition Language:English
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    Stolen Heart (The Hearts of Sawyers Bend Book 1) Reviews

  • Diana Johnston

    This was great! I mean really, really great. I was a little concerned about it being an arraigned/forced marriage type of thing, but it wasn’t stale at all!! This was really fantastic and I can’t ...

  • Becky Claxon

    I loved this story! It has suspense, angst, betrayal, suspicions, romance and so much more. Griffen has been estranged from his family for 15 years because of his heartless father. I think Griffen’s...

  • BP34

    This is Griffen and Hope's story and a great start to the series. Talk about one emotional roller coaster. Hope was the one who he thought cost him everything, his fortune, his family and his legacy. ...

  • Stacy K

    I haven't yet read any books by this author. To me there seemed to be too many cuss words.Sometimes I like to read about 'second chances' but this just didn't do it for me.I might give the author anot...

  • Helena Kone?nik

    This book about Griffen and Hope just stole my 💗, can't wait for next book...

  • Angelina Schwarz

    Enjoyed itIt felt like I had been waiting for this book to release forever- and I had high expectations of it, which may have been a little unfair. I did “enjoy” the book and certainly found it wo...

  • anonymousreader

    This book ends on a cliffhanger, which I LOATHE. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bothered reading it out of principle as well as practicality since it will be some time still before book 2 is out...

  • Teri

    Always enjoy when characters from previous books are kept current in a new book and this book was no exception. The character development of Griffin was good, disappointing that his confidence seemed ...

  • Jan

    If you read “Uncovered,” you got a taste of Griffen and Hope. We now get to find out what it their past and what is it about the murder of his father. He is being brought back into the family due ...

  • Terri Zumbrook

    Hope and Griffen This is the first book of the series and it is off to a good start. I read all the Sinclair Security books so I was familiar with many of the characters.This was a good foundation sto...