Don't Tell a Soul

Don't Tell a Soul

Stay up all night with this modern day Rebecca! Perfect for fans of Truly Devious—a haunting story about a new girl in an old town filled with dark secrets . . . that might just kill her.

People say the house is cursed.
It preys on the weakest, and young women are its favorite victims.
In Louth, they're called the Dead Girls.

All Bram wanted was to disappear—from her old life, her family's past, and from the scandal that continues to haunt her. The only place left to go is Louth, the tiny town on the Hudson River where her uncle, James, has been renovating an old mansion.

But James is haunted by his own ghosts. Months earlier, his beloved wife died in a fire that people say was set by her daughter. The tragedy left James a shell of the man Bram knew—and destroyed half the house he'd so lovingly restored.

The manor is creepy, and so are the locals. The people of Louth don't want outsiders like Bram in their town, and with each passing day she's discovering that the rumors they spread are just as disturbing as the secrets they hide. Most frightening of all are the legends they tell about the Dead Girls. Girls whose lives were cut short in the very house Bram now calls home.

The terrifying reality is that the Dead Girls may have never left the manor. And if Bram looks too hard into the town's haunted past, she might not either.

Title:Don't Tell a Soul
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    Don't Tell a Soul Reviews

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    "In the dark, it made no difference if my eyes were open or shut."Do you enjoy YA novels that lean more toward the mature side of writing, ones that are dark and eerie yet beautifully written with a p...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Ghosts lurking around the gothic mansion where three women from different eras had died because the place haunts the weakest young women by taking their souls. And another troubled young girl named Br...

  • Sheena

    Bram moves to a creepy manor that is supposedly cursed. Not a new concept but still one of my favorites to read. This reminded me of a lot of Riley Sager’s Home Before Dark which I absolutely loved ...

  • Erin A. Craig

    Delicious and dark, this is a gothic haunting for the modern age. It sank its teeth deep. I will be haunted by the Dead Girls of Louth for a long time to come....

  • Montzalee Wittmann

    Don't Tell a Soul by Kirsten Miller is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. As I read this book I truly forgot I was reading and not actually experiencing this story! The aut...

  • Brenda Feinen

    "Nothing will change if we stay quiet."Bram is forced out of New York City. Escaping her mother, Bram's only choice is her Uncle James. Years before, James bought the old manor in Louth, NY - a very s...

  • Lady H

    wow that was so freaking good omg???? i gotta get my thoughts together and write a proper review because i LOVED this...

  • M.  [storme reads a lot]

    I love the cover and the idea. Truly Devious was one of my fav reads of last year. I was more than eager to jump straight into this book as well. I am sad it did not meet my expectations in the end, b...

  • Cesar

    3 stars.Ever read that book where you think it's one thing and turns out it's completely different than what you had originally thought? It happened to me with Don't Tell a Soul. And not in a good way...

  • Caitlyn DeRouin

    Trigger Warnings: Mentions of parental death, mentioned death of grandparents, death (by suicide, fire), mentions of suicide (drowning), mentions of mental illness (nondescript, a character was commit...