Rare Earth

Rare Earth


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A lost mining crew, 400 million miles from Earth. A retired miner journeys to find out why.

“There’s something out there…”

Waldo Packwood has had a rough time of things lately. He’s lost his job, his friends, and finally his family. At 50 years old, he’s living alone in a small apartment wondering what’s happened to his life. He’s unexpectedly asked to travel to Hector 1, a lone asteroid in the Jupiter Trojans, to investigate the missing crew. 

“That’s just it, Waldo,” sighed the director, “we don’t know what happened.”

His trip is a struggle from the beginning, as he discovers more about those around him and what they’re willing to do to keep Hector 1 to themselves.  Instead of answers, he’s cast into the fight of his life as he struggles to uncover the secrets and lies that have been built around this distant world.

Rare Earth is a gritty, science-fiction thriller and debut novel about an unconventional hero and second chances.

“It’s going to be that kind of story, so buckle up”

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  • Karl M Yuhas

    Kurt Allan is the Jules Verne of asteroid miningI'm an avid reader of several genres and don't bother writing reviews unless I'm really impressed. This book reminds me of how visionary Jules Verne was...

  • Trike

    “All this science I don't understandIt's just my job five days a weekA rocket man, a rocket man”— Rocketman, Elton JohnLooking for a competent, problem-solving, can-do astronaut like Mark Watney...

  • john r. reeves

    JohnboyOn praise jesus,,, finally an author that can write a really GREAT book about outer space that is not aliens attacking earth. Thank God not a single dam alien in the entire book. There there wa...

  • Paul Swiech

    This one turned out to be better than I expected. When I started it, I thought, "Oh great, yet another asteroid mining adventure...", but it turned out to be much more. I won't say more about that as ...

  • David L.

    Good old-fashioned hard sci-fiI had almost given up on finding a good science fiction read when I stumbled on this. Very imaginative, but the details are what makes this work shine. Like the construct...

  • Jason

    This story is set in the future, in which we have moved into the solar system and begun to mine the asteroid belt. There has been a development in a lot of technology making it easier to launch things...

  • D. Jensen

    Second read is just as good.I remembered the story, though not the order of some events, about three pages into the story. I even remembered who the "black hats" were, but who cares. This story is abo...

  • Jak60

    Rare Earth, for being a debut novel, is surprisingly good, even more so considering that it is a near future sci-fi book - normally more difficult to handle than far future stories.The writing is quit...

  • Curt

    Quite an entertaining and fast read. The plot was compelling and I could describe the book as a "page-turner". The bulk of the story is told in the first-person from Waldo's perspective but there are ...

  • Charl

    It was okay. The story was original, and most of the characters were interesting, but I've got some technical issues:Warning: major spoilers in here: (view spoiler)[The Space Elevator makes the trip f...