The River is Down

The River is Down


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An Australian Outback Romance

When Cindie Davenport is stranded in the outback she must learn whom she can trust with her secret, and who has secrets of their own.

From the bestselling author of Australian outback romance. Over 12 million books sold worldwide.

Cindie is on her way to Bindaroo, but she doesn't want anyone to know she is coming. Her mother inherited shares in the remote sheep station, but it seems to be failing. Is this true, or is Cindie's mother being cheated out of her profits?

After years of drought, the river suddenly comes down and cuts Cindie off. She is rescued by Nick Brent, the site engineer at a nearby highway construction camp. Cindie has no choice but to stay at the camp until the water recedes.

Fortunately, Cindie is in radio contact with Jim Vernon, the overseer at Baanya Station, one hundred and fifty miles away. But is there more than a friendship developing over the airwaves? And will Jim be there for Cindie when she needs him most?

Meanwhile, Cindie has her suspicions about Nick, and his glamorous companion Erica Alexander. Could they be behind the mystery of what is happening to her mother's inheritance?

Lucy Walker's gentle, clean romances give readers a fascinating insight into the landscape, people and customs of the Western Australian outback in the mid-twentieth century.

Title:The River is Down
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    The River is Down Reviews

  • SallyB

    The girl was a real nitwit. Lucy Walker still has a talent in bringing the outback to life. I just could not like the MC. She just reminded me of the OW. As far as I was concerned, she was the one tha...

  • Anuradha

    This author is particularly good at one thing. The lady knows how to bring the grand wilderness of the Australian outback to life through her words ! Whether it's a sheep/cattle station or a remote hi...

  • Kit Snicket

    I enjoy these books for the sense of place they have, the outback scenes in them are compelling. The characters are often unrealistic, there's a whimsical touch about them that isn't real life and the...

  • Tracey Charlton

    It was a story filled with Aussie old style mannerisms, manners, mishaps and mayhem which unfolded in a myriad of levels and directions. I was unsure to start with, but suddenly I loved and cheered th...

  • Mel Cooney

    Lovely readCute story, very fast ending. Predicable but great description on scenery of the outback. Loved the support characters but felt like the ending came as a rush ...

  • Jenny

    Lucy WalkerGreat read, enjoyed the book, love reading about the outback & the people in it, interesting storyline and special characters ...

  • Melinda

    The manner of speaking reminded of books by Margaret Way and Joyce Dingwell. I found Cindie Brown-all--over to be an admirable character....