The Grateful Bride's Passion

The Grateful Bride's Passion


Cassie Thomas grew up as an orphan in New York City, but it wasn't until recently that times had gotten rough for her. She has a pretty face and a sweet, grateful heart, and she's a wonder with small children. But when she nearly loses her nanny position at Pendleton Hall over a false accusation, she is sentenced to the laundry, where the endless, backbreaking work promises her no future. What were these false accusations? Can she prove her innocence?

A fellow servant introduces Cassie to The Matrimonial Times. Cassie jumps at the idea of finding a husband and home of her own as a mail-order bride. Soon she is writing to Jake Everly, a Nebraska rancher, intrigued by his large extended family and small town lifestyle. Did she overreact, or did she make the right decision?

When Jake proposes marriage, Cassie gratefully accepts. But while she waits for him to send the funds for her trip West, a tragic accident leaves her forever physically and emotionally scarred. What was the accident? Will Jake still want her as his wife after what happened to her?

While Cassie is traveling to Nebraska, she meets a man named Zach Wright. He is going to Nebraska too, with his little nephew Samuel. When Cassie offers to help him with the toddler, Zach gratefully accepts, and watches in awe as the child instantly takes to her. Is this enough to make Zach fall in love with Cassie?

Zach is prepared for life as a minister and carpenter in Nebraska, but he needs someone to help him care for his adopted little boy. Cassie longs for a family and a home, but wonders if anyone can love her now. What will happen with the arrangement between Jake and Cassie? Are love and happiness meant for Cassie, Zach, Jake, and Samuel?

Title:The Grateful Bride's Passion
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    The Grateful Bride's Passion Reviews

  • Lea & Sandra

    Well written and delightful story!This is an exceptionally well written mail order bride story. The characters and situations are realistic and the reader will be rooting for the couple....

  • Linda

    Terrific book!What a sweet , touching story this was. From a scarred orphan to a much loved wife and mother. A young girl who's never known love meets a young pastor whose life has been torn apart and...

  • Sabrina Nia

    Heartstrong!I loved this book! It made me feel how this strong and sweet woman must have felt. It made me happy for her and belief of love so strong!...

  • Carol Duckett French

    Destined to be togetherGod has a way of working things out for his purposes and our good. This is evident in this beautiful story. It rates 5 stars!...

  • cindy hiteshew

    Great storyI truly enjoy this story. I can't wait to read the next book by Rowan Gracemill. Thank you so much for sharing this story. ...