The Untangling of Two Hearts

The Untangling of Two Hearts


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A sheepish teacher looking to settle down. A charming assistant willing to date again. Will a mail-order bride wreck their happily-ever-after?
Bear Creek, Montana, 1890. Dan Mavis believes the only way he’ll finally marry is if he mail-orders a wife. As a schoolteacher, his female contact is limited to the elegant assistant in his classroom. But just as things begin heating up between them, Dan’s advertisement reaches a woman keen to take up his offer.

Phoebe James’ heart was broken one too many times. But after getting to know the bashful educator she aids, she finds herself falling for a man strikingly different from those who’ve previously courted. And when she finally accepts his invitation to a date, she wonders if it might be time to trust again.

As the two quickly fall for one another’s charm, they realize this could be forever. But much to their dismay, Dan’s mail-order bride shows up ready to break the starry-eyed couple apart.

Will this dramatic interruption ruin Dan and Phoebe’s best chance for happily-ever-after?

The Untangling of Two Hearts is the entrancing third book in the Bear Creek Brides historical cowboy romance series. If you like messy love triangles, determined protagonists, and unexpected infatuation, you’ll adore Amelia Rose’s charming novel.

Title:The Untangling of Two Hearts
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    The Untangling of Two Hearts Reviews

  • Zena

    Can you imagine loving someone and hoping that you will be able to make a lifelong commitment with him in the near future, only to be confronted with a young lady arriving in your town and declaring t...

  • Coco.V

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (6/3/2020)! 🎁...

  • Jacky

    Based on the way this book began, I was surprised at the turn it took. I had not forgotten about Nancy, but when she turned up again, it was with an interesting twist.I know Phoebe kept falling off th...

  • Kaye

    ONE UNBELIEVABLE WHIRLWIND!!!Fantastic! Amelia blazes through full throttle, lighting up this glittering gem and watching it burn, welding this bad boy together sleek, shiny and tight. Meting out incr...

  • Frances Hernandez

    I received this ebook ARC from the author on the condition that I write an honest review.This western tale was made better by the inclusion, of the description and customs of Sioux Indians. The male c...

  • Ellen White

    UNTANGLING TWO HEARTS ....Amelia RoseA father who preferred to drink the night away. His temper and slap because of his dinner she flees. The trees offer a hiding place and comfort, the neighbors woul...

  • Cindy C.

    The Untangling of Two Hearts is a Wonderful sweet western that will keep you turning the pages to the very end. Amelia Rose has outdone herself with this novel, she has given readers a book that is w...

  • Marie

    An emotional often more exhausting than a physical journey.This is certainly true for Dan and Phoebe, where there are sometimes bumps in the road to HEA our lovely couple have craters...

  • Margie

    It is always good to visit Bear Creek. I love that Amelia Rose is honest about the atmosphere between the townspeople and the Indian population. Mail order brides always have an awkward period but thi...

  • Melissa Dobbins

    Good read Although Amelia Rose tells a good story,I feel that more research of the time would greatly benefit her writing. I realize that she writes for a modern audience, but phrases like “sure thi...