Chasing Rain

Chasing Rain

Top-of-Stanford-class brains made him a billionaire.
His breakthroughs in AI and deep learning revolutionized the fields.
Now he’s running for his life.

Chase Malone, a wealthy, idealistic computer engineer who doesn’t care about money, is trying to stop one of his inventions from being used by a nefarious corporation.
Wen Sung, a beautiful Chinese defector, is on the run from a ruthless spy intent on destroying her.
They are on a collision course, and the results will either save the world, and themselves, or doom humanity.

Write the correct code and invent the future.

Action Adventure Technothriller.

Find out why a million copies of Brandt Legg's books have been sold/downloaded worldwide, a USA Today bestselling author who uses his unusual real-life experiences to color page-turning thrillers.

Title:Chasing Rain
Edition Language:English
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    Chasing Rain Reviews

  • Monica

    This story had potential but never struck the right combination for me. The characters were over dramatic and the "end of the world" scenario has been depicted so much, I needed a better plot. Sad to ...

  • Susanne Leist

    Brandt Legg never disappoints. His books take your mind on a journey where the line between reality and imagination blurs. His main character, Chase Malone, is a brilliant computer engineer who writes...

  • Karen Mack

    I will never again look at A.I. in an inquisitive manner, it is a terrifying look into the future.Enter, Chase Malone tech genius billionaire who has created an astonishing level of intelligence throu...

  • Patrick

    A healthy adventure This is a nice book and the story holds together really well, without the characters having super depth. They are each as detailed as they need to be and the background universe is...

  • Bud Miles

    Nice technically, but just a hollow read.The book never drew me into the story. I was disappointed. It is possible that this was not the authors best work, but at this point, I have little desire to f...


    Could any of this be real?Sit back,snap your seat belt on and prepare for a crazy and scary ride. Chase has developed a program for using artificial intelligence which he and his partners sell for bil...

  • Denny

    Entertaining and interesting read An interesting look at the potential down side of artificial intelligence. In the same way that atomic energy has been used against humanity, so too might artificial ...

  • Jane Blanchard

    Wow! I could not put down the thriller Chasing RAIN by Brandt Legg. When Chase Malone realizes that the AI software, RAI, that he sold is now being used to make super-beings, he fears for humanity and...

  • Myra Mcculloch

    Thank you Brandt for the opportunity to read your book A gripping story of all that could go wrong with the development of AI. The initial developer of advanced RAI programs sells of his interests to ...

  • Katheyer

    “Chasing Rain” by Brandt Legg has all the markers of a great thriller, fast-paced, action-packed, twisted, unexpected bit awaiting at every turn of the page, all wrapped in easy-to-read and still ...