Queen of the Wildwood

Queen of the Wildwood


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Deadly magic, a handsome knight, and an evil queen.

Yula is a mage, but her volatile magic brings nothing but unhappiness.

After the death of her beloved sister, she is sentenced to serve the Sisters of the Light who use their powers to protect villagers from the enchanted wildwood.

When a fatal accident places the town in grave danger, Yula has no choice but to find the only person who can help her—the legendary and evil Dark Queen.

Guided by a handsome knight, Yula travels into the treacherous forest, unaware that her choice will have dire consequences for herself, the knight, and the Queen of the Wildwood.

Title:Queen of the Wildwood
Edition Language:English
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    Queen of the Wildwood Reviews

  • Nerdread

    I like the concept but it would have been more epic if the book was longer with fleshed out characters, plot and world building....

  • m ? foesandlovers

    3 STARSThe potential was certainly there and I'm definitely going to check out this author's author books, but I think the story would've benefited from being longer than just 60 pages. The short leng...

  • Ava

    This book was so interesting and I loved the concept for it!I honestly just wanted more from it and more development. This fantasy book would be amazing if there was more to it :)...

  • Maymuna

    A tale? Not so much a tale as a insert I suppose? Enjoyable. Felt a bit rushed in the end and a little confusing but still. ...

  • Coco.V

    šŸŽ FREE on Amazon today (6/14/2021)! šŸŽ...

  • Tatiana

    This is a cute, short story. Don't expect anything epic or much character development. Go into this knowing that it is just a tale and you are not meant to know everything that will happen. Still, thi...

  • Zeba

    The plot was good and I finished the book right away. I loved the couple in the story, Yula and Aelbrin. They were cute.It could have been longer and in more detail. The world building and concept was...

  • Lana

    I love this short story which reads like a very dark fairy tale involving a dark queen, a handsome knight who has been bound to her, a wildwood, a Mother Tree and a young mage whose magic is out of co...

  • Kait

    I really love the concept of this short story. A love that pulls two people together, a rotting evil queen, a young woman with uncontrolled outbursts of magic and a mysterious man from a unique forest...

  • Beth ? (bookish.beff)

    a lovely little fairytale, with very acotar vibes, I just wish it was longer!...