Lake of Darkness

Lake of Darkness


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An Alternate History in which Power, Crime, and the Supernatural Intersect on the South Side of Chicago 

During the First World War, on the South Side of Chicago, officer Joe “Flip” Flippity has begun an investigation into a serial decapitationist who is hunting young children. At a time when African American officers are rendered second-class by prejudicial policies, Flip is nonetheless called upon by the mayor of the city—the legendary Big Bill Thompson himself—and a host of powerful city fathers, to thwart this murderer who threatens to destroy the city's reputation as a safe haven for those making the Great Migration north. 

While searching to catch his killer—and to discover why the most powerful men in Chicago are truly concerned about the murders of poor black refugees—Flip's bloody trail takes him through the South Side’s vice districts (where anything is available for a price), across its most dangerous criminal underbellies, and into a bracing and unexpected world of supernatural horror.

As Flip digs deeper in his quest to protect the city’s most vulnerable, he stumbles upon more mysterious murders, confounding psychological puzzles, and terrifying hints of something "other" that may reach across from unknowable distances to guide the hand of a killer. It soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems, and that mysterious and powerful forces are conspiring to stand in Flip’s way.

A combination of detective thriller, cosmic horror, and historical fiction, Lake of Darkness takes us to the deepest and darkest places in Chicago’s very dark history.

Title:Lake of Darkness
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    Lake of Darkness Reviews

  • Ashley Daviau

    This book had so much potential to become a new favourite but it just ended up falling flat for me. The idea and the concept sounded horrific and incredibly interesting but the story got bogged down b...

  • Bandit

    It’s always nice to be the first person to review the book and have genuinely great things to say about it. That’s very much the case here, I really liked this one, so here come the great things I...

  • Horror DNA

    Scott Kenemore’s Lake of Darkness is one of those books with which I struggled to figure out how much I genuinely enjoyed, although it hooked me in quickly and has admirable elements, I was unsure t...

  • Lauren Stoolfire

    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Lake of Darkness is my first horror novel by Scott Kenemore and it definitely won't be my last. I liked the author's overall style, bu...

  • Becky Spratford

    Review on Booklist Online and the blog: words that describe this book: historical, cosmic, race/class/power issues...

  • Laura

    The cover of this book caught my eye. I had to know more about it. Horror? Thriller? YES PLEASE!! This book was fantastic!! It kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. ...

  • Randy

    Loved it! Moody, atmospheric, gritty,. Lake of darkness was quite a trip. Murder mystery, supernatural overtones, and a varied cast of characters in the early days of Chicago, all combine in a melting...

  • Nicole Bannister

    i enjoyed everything about the book there was nothing i didn't like about the book. i would reread this again in a heartbeat. i would recommend this to anyone. i like the story being told. i also like...

  • Chris Deal

    This was the first or Kenemore's novels that I've read, but will definitely not be the last. I picked it with the promise of cosmic horror but the noir feel suckered me in. A great look at a time of t...

  • A. M. Hodges

    A very good readIt's a well written story, interesting characters nicely fleshed out. Something different in a time and place I could visualize. Highly recommended. I plan to look at his other books,...