A breathtaking near-future thriller. From the NY Times bestselling author whose books have been downloaded over a million times.

An interstellar war is racing toward an unsuspecting Earth. Can one young woman stop it before it's too late?

LA detective Anna Abbott can see brief, cryptic visions of the future. She just doesn't know it yet. But others do. Others who will stop at nothing to ensure that her abilities never see the light of day.

Soon Anna is fighting for her life against an array of powerful adversaries, and not all of them are human. Because a small group of aliens hiding on Earth believe that she can single-handedly alter the course of an interstellar war. One that has raged for thousands of years, but which is completely unknown to humankind.

Until now.

But even if Anna can beat the odds and stay alive, the greatest threat of all awaits: A super-intelligent species determined to prevent humanity from achieving its evolutionary destiny---at any cost.

ORACLE is a roller-coaster ride of a thriller. One packed with breathtaking action, startling revelations, and mind-blowing science, including a scientific rationale for clairvoyance itself.

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    Oracle Reviews

  • Kathleen

    Science fiction/ romance set in near future on earth. Aliens invade. A detective saves the day with clairvoyance. Angels and demons and even ancient oracles are Finally Finally explained, in historica...

  • Douglas Richards

    Hi, this isn't a review. I just wanted those who follow me to know that my latest novel, ORACLE, is now available as an eBook -- with the paperback and audible versions soon to follow. If you've enjoy...

  • Heather

    This book was...meh. The plot was too forced and the author felt the need to explain every little loose end even if it was obvious. The romance was cheesy, better for a teen novel. I finished it, almo...

  • Daniel Kincaid

    LAPD Detective Anna Abbott has the best solving rate. Maybe the best ever. When asked how she achieves that, her answer is that she relies on her instincts and intuitions. Unbeknownst to her, she has ...

  • Sunnypapa

    What a tripI really enjoyed this book. I hope to see more of Anna's adventures. It would be fun to see what some of these other planets were like. The buildings, life styles the people. And what about...

  • Sean Randall

    I must say, the description didn't quite hold me, and I went into this with a slight sense of trepidation. Then, to see scientific things Richards has already explained in previous novels rehashed in ...

  • Edward Westerbeke

    I believe that this is the first sci-fi I have read it the last year. I am not a fan. However I did enjoy this this book. It had an interesting plot with portals and extra. Terrestrial almost on every...

  • David Turner

    Good bookIt was a good book but not great. Some of it lacked the believe ability I like in science fiction...

  • Michael

    A gripping story from the very start!...

  • Aaron

    This was another good thriller to the last page with aliens no less. ...