A Woman of the World

A Woman of the World

Meet Mabel Loomis Todd, an inspired conversationalist who routinely invites scandal and ignores the rules of 19th-century society. Now in her 70s and living on Hog Island in Maine, the outspoken writer and editor is holding court, entertaining us with musings on her colorful life, spilling secrets and revealing the truth about how she uncovered a trove of Emily Dickinson’s work. In an intriguing performance, Obie Award® winner Kathleen Chalfant embodies the spirit of a fascinating woman whose legacy is forever linked to one of America’s most celebrated poets.

Originally produced by the Acting Company in Association with Miranda Theatre Company

First Artist-in-Residence at the Hog Island Audubon Camp

Written by Rebecca Gilman

Performed By Kathleen Chalfant

Directed by Valentina Fratti

1 hr and 8 mins
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Title:A Woman of the World
Edition Language:English
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    A Woman of the World Reviews

  • Alan Teder

    The Real Not-So-Likeable Mabel Loomis ToddReview of the Audible Original audio production (April 2020) of the original stage play (Oct. 2019)Mabel Loomis Todd (1856-1932) became the notorious first po...

  • Alaina

    It was okay .. better than I expected.A Woman of the World was interesting in a way. I don't really know a lot about Emily Dickinson.. and I don't think I've read anything of hers either. That being s...

  • Sarah

    Disorganized, unfocused, poorly written, terrible....

  • Thomas

    Nice performance.Starts out with an unreliable narrator who then confesses all in the end. The entire arc of a life from selfish egomaniac to self-aware in a single short discourse. I get that this is...

  • L.D.

    A Woman of the World is a short play centering around Mabel Loomis Todd, the next-door-neighbor and supposed “friend” of Emily Dickenson. The play starts off with Mabel setting the scene. She’s ...

  • DeAnna

    A Woman of the World is yet another "biography" of a woman that only focuses on her relationships with men while simultaneously being the model for internalized misogyny. Yes, women love and love can ...

  • Ashley Oxford

    Now I need to read some Dickinson. A nice taste into the life of Emily Dickinson even though this story is mainly about Dickinson’s editor Mabel Todd....

  • Nakita

    This story was a spectacular recreation of an older woman musing about her life and realizing her truth. Real-life is messy, and we often don't understand what our life meant until we think back on th...

  • Karen Manna

    Short. Funny. Love the “This is me. If you don’t like it, leave.” attitude!...

  • Carrol Kuhlow

    Before listening to this book I had never heard of Mabel Loomis Todd. I assumed her to be a fictional character who the reader played as a somewhat flighty and quite delusional woman. Perhaps a reader...