Honor for Three

Honor for Three


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A Military Reverse Harem Romance

Temptation comes in threes. Three bodyguards that is. First time failed, but they're back to take what they want. Me.

I never considered myself filthy-minded but when it comes to my three irresistible bodyguards and all those bulging muscles, I can't help the dirty thoughts in my head. Or what I do to ensure all my sexy fantasies come true.

Rules about gorgeous bodyguards and their clients be damned, right?

Apparently not.

Being a senator's daughter comes with privileges, true, but there's a price to pay, as well. Privacy is non-existent so when nosy paparazzi snap racy pictures of us together my detail is relieved of their duty. Little do they know, they take my heart with them on the way out.

Fast-forward three years. I'm in need of protection when I'm the only witness to a high-profile kidnapping. When my three bodyguards show up in the middle of the night professing they are there to protect me, it doesn’t seem real.

But their tender caresses and possessive kisses tell another story. One that makes me wonder if it has a happily-ever-after with three forbidden men at my side or them walking away again once I'm safe. My wounded heart says run, but my body says let’s see what three gorgeous men can do to make up for lost time.

Author's Naughty Note: A quick ’n dirty reverse harem romance novel that will leave your hearts and Kindles on fire. Not one, but three possessive alpha AF former Army Rangers are back to claim the woman they were forced to walk away from. As always this military reverse harem romance is safe with a HEA guaranteed! Enjoy!

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  • LMR

    Honor for Three: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Harem of Three Book 2) By: Penelope WyldeBe Careful What You Wish For... Cuz, You Just Might Get It! One-Click "Honor for Three" TODAY!She had a...

  • Darlene I read WAY to many books

    3 men are better Honor has been crushing on her bodyguards her father had on her since she was 18 but didnt do nothing until her 21st birthday she did she challenged and had some steamy moments with...

  • Rose Bassett

    I really liked this story. There was all sorts of different emotions going on from lust, love, devastation, fear, loss, betrayal. The characters were very well written in that you could envision them ...

  • Penelope Wylde

    Sit back and relax with not one, but three alphalicious heroes! 😍🔥✨ Get your fix of hot, smutty reverse harem love! 💙🔥Available for 99¢ or in KU!● Amazon ➙ http://bit.ly/honorthree...

  • Amy M. (Amy Loves Reading Blog)

    I think I’m in love with these foursomes! Each group of guys has been more caveman like and they are all driving me crazy with lust!!The story was a little different than the first but I was just ab...

  • Lizette Diaz

    Honor s such a spunky character and Boone, Landry and Austin cannot control their connection even when thry wre apart these four come back together and find a way to write their perfect ending. Love P...

  • Robin

    Another steamy short story from Penelope. She writes this series with little focus on the drama, wish the story was longer so that some of the holes might fill it. I feel like it was a bit rushed, jus...

  • Kathleen Bradbury (Bulfon)

    This was a great story. It was well written and fast paced. The chemistry between the characters was sizzling hot. This book has everything you need to keep you turning pages hot sexy men, steamy scen...

  • Jamie West

    Honor’s RangersA senator’s daughter and her three bodyguards. Talk about hot stuff! All Honor wants is her men and after years apart with danger around the corner, she just might get her HEA with ...

  • Kat4

    HonorThis was a pretty good story. The fact that they all remained true to eachother throughout 7 years, even when they weren't together made this a 5 star for me! ...