Toby took the conductor’s hand as he stepped from the train in the dark night unsure of why his mother had sent him away. The conductor had his travel bag in his hand and Toby looked at the shadowy, unlit buildings as he was led down the street.
After five minutes, the conductor guided him to a bench on the boardwalk of the sleeping town, then left his bag on the bench with him.
“Now, son, I gotta leave you here. You stay there until the sheriff comes and he’ll find your aunt for you. Okay?”
Toby nodded, said, “Thank you, sir,” then the conductor patted him on the head, turned and left.
Toby was more confused than afraid as he sat in front of the jail. No matter what else happened, he knew that he would have someone go back to the farm and bring his mother back to him.
Three hours later, the sheriff led him into the diner where he introduced him to his uncle, Hitch Nelson.

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    Hitch Reviews

  • Lisette Kristensen

    This is one of your classical westerns. It is a good story, with interesting twists. I would call the romance wholesome and did handle some moral issues for that time. The characters were strong and w...

  • Sid Heal

    I've read this author before and I like his style, hence I bought this one based more upon my previous experience. I enjoyed the characters and plot but there are so many grammatical errors, missing w...

  • Sandra Whittiker

    HitchHitch was a cowboy working on his Father's ranch when he went to town to pick up his new rifle and just as he was having breakfast, the Sheriff came in with a small boy who had been sitting in fr...

  • Jim Thorne

    Sit back and enjoyHitch is the latest offering in the CJP Western of the Month Club. If you are a frequent reader then you will be satisfied with an entertaining familiar tale...flawed but good Heroes...

  • David A . Vallant

    Good story lineI really like your writing but you should spend more time and effort on PROOFREADING! It sounds like being picky but please do something. Part of the joy of reading a good story is bein...

  • Deborah Baker

    This was a struggle. Weird editing mishaps, repetitive dialogue and really shallow character development. I didn’t care about any character by the end. I was excited the dive into the world of weste...


    4 starsAn excellent story. Sophie and Toby are delightful characters. I really like the families and their interactions. The murder was a surprise. The perpetrator was an even bigger surprise. Word mi...

  • Cody Meissner

    Not that goodI really liked the beginning of this book. But the last two thirds just really sucked. Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield. This book was the bug....

  • Don A. Whitehead, Sr.

    Another Good One!I chose a 4 because there is a lot to like about this story, but, as with other books I've read by Mr. Petit, the proofreading/editing appears non-existent. There are just too many er...

  • Mark T Griffith

    As others have noted, the lack of proofreading resulted in so many errors as to make the "flow" of the book halt several times. I have never experienced this with any other authors...The character was...