Rose: Feelin Thorny

Rose: Feelin Thorny


reverse-harem, , beta, contemporary, Polyamorous

Rose drank the pumpkin spice latte and she got the men. Sounds like a happily ever after for this big beautiful woman, right?

Not so fast.

Rose, Dean, Finn, and Sebastian know that someone is targeting Vee with all these bogus charges but they don't know who or why.

Could it be a coincidence? An act of passion from an ex? An attack on their vampirism? Or could it be something else entirely?

Will Rose and her men ever get a minute to relax or could this be the end of Vee?

Scroll up for a cute Paranormal RomCom, no choosing required!

Title:Rose: Feelin Thorny
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    Rose: Feelin Thorny Reviews

  • Annette

    In a way I'm a little worried about how fast I go through this series. I have only one more book left until a new one is published on Monday. It might become a huge problem when I find myself missing ...

  • Rose

    I absolutely adore this world!! When I found out that there was more to come, I was just giddy!!I really enjoyed seeing Rose and her men after their initial beginning of their relationship. It was com...

  • Kira Assad

    I am so glad we got a continuation of Rose's story in the Jewels Cafe series! Now that Rose is no longer a human after the events of book 1, she can truly be with her three mates previously just her v...

  • Joy Whiteside

    This is an amazing read that I finished in one sitting. Forget doing anything else this took priority over everything else. It moves along at a great pace. You will fall in love with these characters ...

  • Natalie

    After the first one, it looks like the guys didn’t learn their lesson. They’ve gone from possessive neglect to possessive smother. A lot of arguing and no common sense. Seriously, how old are thes...

  • Mollie Barragan

    The Whitaker brothers make me feel "thorny" too.Rose is living the life- cue the sassy background theme music #VampGoals. She has her men that treat her like the goddess that she is. They protect her,...

  • jennifer morton

    Jewels Arthur has done it again what a great book I loved the first book seeing them grow so much and the character developing that made you want to love them from the start.when all seems to be settl...

  • Jennifer Bishop

    I loved this second book featuring Rose and her Vampires! This book breaks out all the steam, emotions, action, and so much more! I could not put this book down! Sooo much happens in this book, you do...

  • Rachel Smith

    Omg! This story will keep you wanting beginning until the end! Rose and the boys are happily ever after until someone starts targeting them and Vee. Great character development! Be ready to laugh, cry...

  • Jessica Luyckx

    Loved the second bookReally happy that life does not go as planned and not all ended good. The guys are again in trouble!!Really loved this story and cannot wait on what happens next...