Topaz Goes Downunder

Topaz Goes Downunder


reverse-harem, , 2020-reads, Polyamorous

Three mates, one Australian holiday. What could possibly go wrong?
It's time for our first vacation as a group, and I'm excited for my first trip downunder.
Too bad things are never nice an easy.
After befriending some shifters, we end up on a wild goose chase after Tyler, and find out there's more to the supe world than we thought.
Can we rescue our vacation, or was it doomed from the beginning?

***Please note this is a fastburn RH***

Title:Topaz Goes Downunder
Edition Language:English
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    Topaz Goes Downunder Reviews

  • Annette

    The first book, Topaz, was one of those Jewels Cafe books just feeling perfect for this stressful time. There was only a little drama in the plot and most of it was just cute and fluffy and heartwarmi...

  • Angela Denny

    CuteNothing like a vacation with your lovers to help ease your mind. Hoping to have a grand vacation Topaz doesn't expect all the trouble they run into. A fun and sexy read...

  • The Romantic Rush Blog

    The Silversprings world is a fun place to play around- these books are mostly light hearted fun- fun and light and sweet, with a small dash of drama- and they are normally pretty quick and steamy read...

  • Jackles

    Wow!!! What a great read! I love how down to earth it was. I felt like I was Topaz on vacation in Aussie land and I loved it! Of course Tyler would be the one to go MIA and Topaz and a couple of new f...

  • Daisy Sauceda

    I loved this series and Topaz Goes Downunder is so good. So what could possibly happen to Topaz and the guys while they are on holiday. You would think that they would not get into any kind of trouble...

  • Joy Whiteside

    This was a very good read that had me hooked from the very first page. I could not put it down and finished it in one sitting. It moves along at a pace that makes for an enjoyable read being neither t...

  • Carol Rupprecht

    Yay! Topaz finally gets to travel although is it everything she ever hoped it to be? This adventure brings unexpected shenanigans that throw the characters for a loop but bring them even closer togeth...

  • Julia

    I have been following this series of books plus Josie Cluney and thoroughly enjoy both. This book is a follow up to Ms Cluney's Topaz and I was thrilled to find a slight cross over with a couple of ch...

  • Kira Assad

    I am so glad we are getting sequels to the first books of the Jewels Cafe compilation! I was looking forward to seeing more adventure with Topaz and her men from the first book. This addition in the s...

  • Mareike

    It is quite evident how confident the author is in portraying Aussie life - especially since she's an Aussie herself and writes about her own backyard. :-) I quite enjoyed seeing the Aussie spirit ref...