Pearl: Wedding Bell Blues

Pearl: Wedding Bell Blues


x20-4-read, , reverse-harem, Polyamorous, Fantasy

What if a love spell revealed your true love, but it turned out the spell was wrong?

Pearl Celeste Dreger thought she finally had it all. She got her magic, saved the town and found guys worthy of being in her life. Unfortunately, her perfect life has somehow turned into a nightmare.

Noah, her familiar, disappears without telling her. Fearing that he has kidnapped, Pearl jumps on a plane to return to Silver Springs to find her guy. When she gets home, nothing is as she expects it.

Landing in the middle of a family wedding, Pearl quickly realizes that the dark wizards who attacked the town and tried to overthrow her coven, are still causing trouble. Pearl will have to find a way to put aside her differences with her spoiled cousin, Augusta, so that she can protect her family.

With the help of Carson and Benjamin, Pearl must uncover a terrible secret that puts everyone she loves in danger. Can she find Noah and figure out if they are truly meant to be together? Can she uncover the truth about the dark wizards before someone she loves gets hurt? Can she regain her confidence and become the witch she is destined to be?

YA RH Paranormal Romance. Slow Burn. Witch and Shifter Romance.

Note that this is a Sequel to Pearl and part of the Jewels Cafe Series.

Title:Pearl: Wedding Bell Blues
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    Pearl: Wedding Bell Blues Reviews

  • Dianne

    A Young Adult Reverse Harem? Is that possible? Yes! Tabitha Barret’s PEARL: WEDDING BELL BLUES definitely keeps things “Young Adult,” as we join Celeste back home and caught up in a nightmare wo...

  • Natalie panda eyes

    I really should look at my previous ratings before picking up a book, I realised my mistake a chapter in. Once settled it was alright, I liked it more than the first one. fmc is still sixteen so nothi...

  • Daphnne

    I love Celeste and getting to know her and see her journry has been lots of fun. I didn't think I'd enjoy a teen/young adult read as much as I have with Celeste and her guys. It's adorable to see thei...

  • Annette

    And I'm officially caught up with the Jewels Cafe series. No more "lets just read another one after dinner", no more "or maybe I can 2 today?". I will have to wait until Monday, until the new one is r...

  • Katrina

    Pearl returns to Silver Springs when Noah (her cat shifter mate) disappears from school. She worries he’s been cat-napped by the dark wizards who almost ruined the Winter Solstice Festival. She arri...

  • Dharia Scarab

    Fun series of stand alone books in a shared universe with a little bit of character cross over.Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of ho...

  • jennifer morton

    Pearl has everything she could ever want, she has the love of three handsome mates and finally has her magic. But just when she's settling into school Noah goes missing and thing spiral down hill. Pea...

  • Sydney

    This sequel is so exciting! We get stuck into the adventure from page 1 and it doesn't let up for a single moment! I loved seeing more of Pearl's family, and how the history there impacted the mystery...

  • Robin Dorf

    As usual, Tabitha Barret has pulled off another fabulous hit!!!!! I absolutely love Celeste and her men!!! This story is no different!! Phenomenal plot, which is front and center, plus some snuggly se...

  • Nora

    I love Celeste and her guys! Noah, her catshifter goes missing and her cousin is getting married and is using her house to cater to the needs. Carson and Benjamin are there to help in the catnapping c...