Cut and Run

Cut and Run

Listening Length: 2 hours and 44 minutes

Welcome to a tale of love, adventure, and organ theft.

In this charming, scripted audio crime comedy, Samantha Dugan (D’Arcy Carden) and Abe Lally (Sam Richardson) are best friends and partners in crime. They steal kidneys. Like all jobs, it’s complicated. Despite being Robin Hoods of organ thievery, Abe and Samantha are just the sweetest people.

Samantha, a professional con artist, uses her charms to steal kidneys from bad people and get them to good ones. Abe, Sam’s surgeon-in-crime on their illicit kidney theft operation, is using unfettered access to the human body to advance his research to cure diabetes. This gig is hell on their social lives.

This hilarious and twisted Audible Original tale features just about everything you could hope for: crime, punishment, law, order, love, romance, air travel, Ed Begley Jr., and a quinceañera.

Cut and Run, a star-studded scripted audio performance, boasts the talents of Meg Ryan (You’ve Got Mail) as The Narrator; Sam Richardson (VEEP) as Abe Lally; and D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place) as Samantha Dugan—plus the aforementioned Ed Begley, Jr. (Arrested Development) as Gordon Grimbsy, the amiable crime boss; Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) as Katie Reynolds, Abe’s girlfriend and best selling children’s book author; and Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) as Jeff Calvert, an FBI agent and unwitting organ donor. This Audible Original also features Eugene Cordero, Baron Vaughn, Carlos Alazraqui, Arturo del Puerto, Dustin Ybarra, Aaron Abrams, Ginger Gonzaga, Greg Santos, Oscar Montoya, Roberta Valderrama, and Shulie Cowen.

"Dynamite Lady," an original song, was written and performed by Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.

Cut and Run was written and co-produced by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the inventors of the first narrative fiction podcast, The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Director - Alexandra Barreto
Executive Producer - Morgan Jones
Audio Editing and Sound Design Team - Tyler Dorson, Marc Atkinson, Emma Burlingame, Matt Beagle, and Jake Young
Recorded at Marc Graue Studios

Please Note: Cut and Run features adult language and audio depictions of surgery. But don’t worry: it’s lighthearted surgery and honestly, you never even see it. Discretion is advised.

Title:Cut and Run
Edition Language:English
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    Cut and Run Reviews

  • * A Reader Obsessed *

    3 StarsA quick, fast paced romp that showcases supposed do-gooders Sam and Abe, who lure douche bags under false pretenses and who obviously deserve to lose a kidney all in the name of well... goodnes...

  • Robin (Bridge Four)

    This was so much fun!I got Cut and Run as the Audible monthly original deal for free a few months back and finally decided to listen to the full casted short audio. It was hilarious and I loved the qu...

  • David Doty

    I really enjoy many of the Audible Original recordings, which are less like books and more like performances of short stories. This little gem is one of my favorites so far, and I highly recommend it ...

  • Tiffany PSquared

    Loved the talented narration cast. The middle was a bit back and forth, but overall it was a cute, comically dark story....

  • ?Susan?

    Good short and fun to have all the actors on board. ...

  • Alan Teder

    PSA March 2020 This is a re-posting as the original audiobook, ratings and reviews were deleted in the 2020 Audible Original new purge by misinformed Goodreads librarians who are not following the Lib...

  • Grace

    Great cast of voice actors for an ok story. Cute and short....

  • Amber Zrust

    Short and funny... super fast paced. Made me LOL quite a few times... perfect listen for while I was cleaning my office. ...

  • Donna

    Great performances made this more interesting than the story itself. ...

  • Jg

    Great performances and narration; mediocre story....