Atlantic Island: The Traveler

Atlantic Island: The Traveler


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Leave the past alone.

Dan knows he shouldn't use his time travel ability to interfere. He knows he should just watch from a distance.

Love has a way of changing everything.

The potential for a happy life twenty years in his past will lead Dan to break his rule and set in motion events that could threaten everything he's ever known.

Note: This story takes place in between Rising Tide and Omega Protocol of the Atlantic Island Trilogy.

Title:Atlantic Island: The Traveler
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    Atlantic Island: The Traveler Reviews

  • Ian Miller

    Written with the first person point of view, the story follows Daniel Wells as he discovers that he has the ability to move backwards in time. At first it is accidental, and since he can only take wit...

  • Chip

    A fairly simple time traveling book that deals with missed opportunities. Unfortunately the author doesn't capitalize on his ideas in any great deal. Plus the main character can't decide if his confli...

  • Rawles

    A good, quick time travel novel in the vein of The Time Traveler's Wife and Replay by Ken Grimwood (really good). Daniel wakes one morning to find he can slip in and out of the past, so he decides to ...

  • Karen

    I found this book delightful and thought provoking. The effects of time travel on future generations are very well thought out. It's one of those books that you constantly want to yell "Don't do it!" ...

  • Spookylady

    Sometimes I come across a book I really have trouble putting down: The Traveler is one of them. It's an exceptional look at what would happen if you could go back in time and change just one thing: wh...

  • Dru Morgan

    More of a "short story" than a novel, I really enjoyed it - it didn't drag at all since the story had to be complete in 200 pages. Half the trick of time travel is figuring it all out, and the author ...

  • Tracy Drane

    I love time travel books, and enjoyed this more than many I've read recently. There were some moments I got bored, and some I wanted to choke the lead character, but overall it was a fun and interesti...

  • David Kilpatrick

    Nice version of the time travel story.When time traveling even if you don't kill your grandfather you can still mess things up. Shernoff tells a small story well about one life affected by time travel...

  • Toasha Jiordano

    Good Solid StoryI liked it. Some of it was kinda predictable but I found myself not caring. Well written and fast paced. ...

  • Nick Stagge

    Really fun read☺ fun book beginning to end. Unique spin on time travel with a character you both love and hate. 🙏...