Modern Times

Modern Times


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A woman orders a sex doll for her husband’s birthday. A man makes films without a camera. A married couple take turns to sit in an electric chair. Cathy Sweeney’s wonderfully inventive debut collection offers snapshots of an unsettling, dislocated world. Surprising and uncanny, funny and transgressive, these stories only look like distortions of reality.

“Cathy Sweeney’s stories have already attracted a band of fanatical devotees, and this first collection is as marvellous as we could have hoped for. A unique imagination, a brilliant debut.”
—Kevin Barry

“I loved this collection. It vibrates with a glorious strangeness! Magnificently weird, hugely entertaining, deeply profound.”
—Danielle McLaughlin

“In Modern Times, Cathy Sweeney gives us fables of the present that are funny, vertiginous and melancholy.”
—David Hayden

Title:Modern Times
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    Modern Times Reviews

  • Matteo Fumagalli

    Videorecensione: ...

  • Barry Pierce

    A varied collection of super strange short stories that read like Mary Gaitskill meets Blindboy Boatclub....

  • Federica Rampi

    “Seneca visse molto tempo fa. Credeva che il più grande ostacolo nella vita delle persone fosse l’aspettativa del domani. A causa di questo ci perdiamo il presente, mentre il futuro se ne resta s...

  • Come Musica

    Questa raccolta di ventuno racconti scritti da Cathy Sweeney è stata una bella scoperta. Alcune storie sono molto brevi, altre un po’ più lunghe. Il massimo comune denominatore di tutte è la rela...

  • Kimbofo

    Cathy Sweeney’s Modern Times is a collection of short stories with an absurdist and often risqué slant.The suggestive cover art — designed by Steve Marking / Orion — is perfectly appropriate, f...

  • flaminia

    confesso che alcuni racconti non li ho capiti, ma che importanza ha cercare un senso nell'insensatezza? ...

  • Jo

    A really excellent collection of short stories, particularly for a debut, Cathy Sweeney’s stories are firmly entrenched in reality, with ordinary people and ordinary experiences while at the same ti...

  • Rita Gonzaga

    A versão florescente do “Short Movies” do Gonçalo M. Tavares. ...

  • theirishbooklover

    2.5 StarsUnique, Different, Fast.Unfortunately this book wasn't for me. I feel I have to relate to either a character or a setting in a book or short story and I felt I couldn't relate to anything in ...

  • melissabastaleggere

    Questo libro mi ha fatta sentire come quando al liceo facevo matematica: stupida. Non ho capito il senso di nessuno dei racconti e, a questo punto, non so se sono io o se davvero non hanno alcun signi...