Seeing Clearly: A Buddhist Guide to Life

Seeing Clearly: A Buddhist Guide to Life


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Many of us, even on our happiest days, struggle to quiet the constant buzz of anxiety in the background of our minds. All kinds of worries--worries about losing people and things, worries about how we seem to others--keep us from peace of mind. Distracted or misled by our preoccupations, misconceptions, and, most of all, our obsession with ourselves, we don't see the world clearly--we don't see the world as it really is.

In our search for happiness and the good life, this is the main problem. But luckily there is a solution, and on the path to understanding it, we can make use of the rich and varied teachings that have developed over centuries of Buddhist thought.

With clarity and compassion, Nicolas Bommarito explores the central elements of centuries of Buddhist philosophy and practice, explaining how they can improve your life and teach you to live without fear. Mining important texts and lessons for practical guidance, he provides a friendly guide to the very practical goals that underpin Buddhist philosophy. After laying out the basic ideas, Bommarito walks readers through a wide range of techniques and practices we can adopt to mend ingrained habits.

Rare for its exploration of both the philosophy that motivates Buddhism and its practical applications, this is a compassionate guide to leading a good life that anyone can follow.

Title:Seeing Clearly: A Buddhist Guide to Life
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  • John Owen

    There is a lot of this book that I had difficulty understanding so it took me quite some time to digest it and finish the book. There were several bits and pieces that seemed very important and a whol...

  • Maher Razouk

    This book opened my eyes . Fascinating...

  • Chet Taranowski

    Pretty good, but there is something about condescending the tone of the author that was off putting for me. But in all fairness he did a pretty good job of explaining the philosophical foundations of ...

  • Dan Burt

    4.7 stars....

  • Thady

    Great insights into Buddhism and its philosophy and practices ...

  • Kyle Jones-Northam

    Has one of the best explications of "emptiness" I've come across....