Riding Mr. Benson: A Fake Marriage Romance

Riding Mr. Benson: A Fake Marriage Romance



He’s not going to rip me off, no matter how powerful this man is. Now he wants me to pretend to be his wife! This guy has some nerve.
I don’t work for free, and I know he has more than enough money to pay what he owes me.
I created a one-of-a-kind piece of ironwork for him, art that came straight from my soul.
Then he brings up this insane offer, one I’d normally refuse.
But the price he’s willing to pay would make my life much easier.
So I agree.
Everything goes fine until I get to know him.
I feel things for him I shouldn’t.
Can I risk falling for him?

Title:Riding Mr. Benson: A Fake Marriage Romance
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    Riding Mr. Benson: A Fake Marriage Romance Reviews

  • Emily Pennington

    Rafe Benson had decided to sell his company and was half-listening to Skylar Dennis on the videoconference as he watched his 6-year-old son building something spectacular with Lego’s in the corner o...

  • Lisa Pate

    give an honest review of what I read.This is a swoon worthy story. I really like the character of Violet Chambers in the story. There is so much of her personality that I could relate with. After havi...

  • Amy Weller

    I absolutely loved this story! It pulled at my heartstrings and was impossible to put down! Rafe has a six year old son from a one night stand. He wants to sell his business in order to spend more tim...

  • E Loprete

    Riding Mr. Benson was a sweet romantic story about a billionaire single father Rafe Benson who wants to sell his business to devote time to his son who just entered his life after 6 years. Enters Viol...

  • Deb Swietek

    Jillian has outdone herself! This book has it all; a fake marriage, an adorable boy, even more adorable dog, a really scuzzy villain, and two stubborn people falling in love in spite of themselves. I ...

  • Raecharmed

    Rafe is a single father and wants to sell his business so that he can spend some more time with his son. However the man that he wants to sell his company to wants to meet Rafe's wife and son but he d...

  • Debbie Caswell

    I love Jillian's work and this one was no exception Violet Chambers is an accomplished artist she specialises in metal artwork Her family may have preferred her to be a lawyer or even live the debutan...

  • Stacy

    This is a great book. Jillian Riley does not disappoint, she really knows how to tell a story. so if you're looking for something hot and steamy this is it....

  • Tc

    This is the story of Violet Chambers (accomplished artist specializing in metal artwork)and Rafe Benson (business owner, sole parent, needs a pretend wife in order to sell his company) These two meet ...

  • Serenechaosnyc

    I thought this was a cute novella. Rafe needs to convince a buyer to consider his business by pretending to be a "family man". Of course, this is pretty silly since he's a great father. But he needed ...