How to Live Korean

How to Live Korean


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How to Live Korean takes a deep-dive into Korean culture, unpacking what it means to be Korean in all its forms and uncovering the way the locals think, what they enjoy getting up to and who they do it with. 

Whether it’s Korean movie Parasite sweeping the Oscars, the explosion of interest in K-pop, Blackpink becoming the world's biggest girl band, the dominance of the global smartphone market, foodies going crazy for bibimbap and kimchi or the incredible hype around K-beauty productsKorea is having a moment. But how much do you know about the real Korea; the locals' take on their amazing country?

That's where this illuminating culture guide comes in, shining a light on Korea’s compelling history and stunning geography, its unique customs and the quirks of daily life. The mainstays of Korea’s vibrant cultural life and style are covered in detail, giving you the lowdown on the country's burgeoning film industry, Korean's unique take on fandom, the quirky fashion scene and the innovative hubs for art and design.

If you ever have wanted to learn how to date like a Korean, know where the locals hang out in Seoul, honeymoon like Korean newlyweds, discover the correct way to eat Korean food or use the art of nunchi to improve your emotional intelligence, this insider’s guide to the heart and soul of Korea is not to be missed. 

From the How To Live... series of insightful guides to some of the most intriguing cultures and locations on the planet, other books available include How To Live Japanese, How To Live Icelandic and How to Live North.

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    How to Live Korean Reviews

  • Meike

    It's of course slightly silly that the author claims to speak for all Koreans, but still, this little book is a fun, informative and beautifully designed introduction to (mainly South) Korea. Illustra...

  • Hana Zet

    Možno používate mobilný telefón, máte televízor alebo auto z tejto krajiny. Čo ale skutočne viete o Južnej Kórei? Viete, že sú až extrémne zameraní na vzdelanie? Že azda nikde na svet...

  • Mariya Mincheva

    Интересен очерк,някак очаквах да е или по-задълбочен, или по-повърхностен. Очаквах повече традиции, обичаи,ис...

  • Kaffeeklatsch and Books

    This was an enjoyable overview of Korea's culture and travel destinations with lots of beautiful photos. The information just scrapes the surface but you can always get other books if you're intereste...

  • Martina

    Už počas čítania knihy Toto je Kórea mi bolo jasné, že keď o nej budem písať, budem zase raz za tú zlú, ale nedá sa inak, niekto byť musí. Nebudem klamať, na knihu som sa veľmi tešil...

  • Isabella

    Dit boek is een hele goede introductie van Zuid-Korea en beschrijft veel plekken en dingen waar ik nog niet eerder wat vanaf wist. Toch heb ik enkele aanmerkingen:Allereerst had ik iets van een biblio...

  • Mihaela

    Корейската култура е много интересна, традициите са красиви. Корейците мислят много за здравето и развитието...

  • Moni (papierove_pribehy)

    Kórea poväčšine nie je krajinou, ktorá by bola v našom kultúrnom priestore často reflektovaná. Ščasti to môže spôsobovať geografická vzdialenosť, inakosť kultúry či úplne odlišn...

  • Neliss

    Toto je Kórea predstavuje stručný a zároveň komplexný pohľad na kórejský polostrov doplnený o pôsobivú vizuálnu stránku - či už ide o textúru obálky, krásne fotografie alebo nápadi...

  • Charlynn Kah

    A good overview of all things Korean beginning with the history/main cities, then to food, culture, shopping, relationships, k-pop culture, language, tourism etc.Not a run-of-the-mill book about Korea...